Best Way To Install A Verizon DSL Speed Optimizer

The Verizon DSL Speed Optimizer improves your computer’s performance by adjusting parameters that cause your computer to move slowly. The DSL Speed Optimizer is not a software download into your computer; it is run from the Verizon Wireless website and makes the necessary adjustments to your DSL connection.

Step-By-Step Guides To Install A Verizon DSL Speed Optimizer

Step 1

Click on the “Residential” option from the Verizon Wireless home page.

Step 2

Click on the “Support” page button.

Step 3

Click on the “Internet.” option.

Step 4

Click on the “Slow Connection” option in this “Quick Links” section of the “Support” page.

Click on the “Run DSL Speed Optimizer” option, the tool will run and verify your connection and make the necessary changes to your configurations, and you have successfully installed Verizon speed optimizer


Why Do You Need Verizon Speed Optimizer

Below are the factors affecting your Verizon connection:

  • Use of Wi-Fi connection versus wired
  • Components within your computer, i.e. processor speed, amount of available memory, operating system, and computer configuration variables
  • The number of applications that are running at the same time
  • The number of computers or other devices that share your internet connection
  • The quality and condition of the wiring which connects your computer(s) to the Verizon network
  • Unusual events like a network outage and failure may also reduce speed. Sometimes the internet sites customers try to access may have issues on their end related to outages, server failure or network congestion. You can also check other factors that can affect the speed of the connection.

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