Renew Apollo IPTV For Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, And Geant Receiver

Apollo IPTV is one of the best premium streaming services mostly for both satellite receivers and android tv box. The most advance set-top boxes like Starsat SR-X3 Extreme and others have built-in 12 months IPTV subscription.


You probably have exhausted your current subscription on your set-top box, and you want to renew Apollo IPTV. Good news to the third-party devices, most especially android tv box can now buy Apollo IPTV activation code for their devices. I will show you how to get Apollo IPTV activation code and renew your set-top boxes successfully in the post.

Key Features:

  • High-quality server
  • Auto-streaming video-output format based on the internet speed
  • Support EPG and audio formats
  • The subtitle of different languages across the world
  • Fully support French, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian And African Channels
  • Fully HD, HEVC H.265, and 4K channels are available on the channel list
  • Bult-in 12-month subscription on Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, Geant receivers
  • Support Third-parties devices like Firestick, Android phone, and tv boxes

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Apollo IPTV Review: How To Renew Apollo IPTV Activation Code

Graphic Interface

A qualified expert developed Apollo, so much that the activation code menu is friendly and adaptive on my Mediastar MS-Diamond Z2 4K receiver. Nice color, a beautiful background, and a layout display.

Hardware And Software Performance

Apollo IPTV app is unique and well developed with some features that make it best, among others.

One of the best features integrated on the app Apollo IPTV app is the ability to stream channels of different video formats. It implies that even if you’re in the low-speed reception, you can still stream channels flawlessly without making changes to the app settings.

It integrates the most stable player that allows you to stream flawlessly on any android OS above the 4.4 version. Other features include subtitles, audio, sound, EPG, and well arrange channels in categories.


What Can I Watch With Apollo IPTV?

No matter where you are in the world, You can watch any live sports events such as live football, NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL, MLB, Tennis, AFL, etc.

There are thousands of local channels across the world to watch your local tv shows. Movies and series are also available such as action and series movies.

Documentaries channels are also available on Apollo IPTV App for your research studies and strengthening your ideas. Adult channels also available, but you need to disable it while setting up the Apollo IPTV activation code.

How To Renew Apollo IPTV On Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, And Others:

To renew Apollo IPTV on Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, and other receivers, you need to activate code and your device’s serial number.

Contact us to place an order for your renewal activation or request for activation code for third-parties devices. Once the payment is confirmed, wait for the supplier to complete the renewal process on the receiver.

Reboot your receiver and launch the app, and the subscription will be activated instantly.

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Apollo IPTV Review: How To Renew Apollo IPTV Activation Code

How To Renew Apollo IPTV For Android TV Boxes, Roku And Fire Stick

  1. First of all, Download Apollo IPTV app from this link and contact us to buy activation code
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Press the menu button to switch the login method
  4. Enter the activation code provided by us
  5. Click on activate
  6. Wait for few seconds, Select channels (This is where you can disable adult channel)
  7. After the setup is complete, then you successfully activate the IPTV.

Pricing And Availability

The price is not the same for a satellite receiver and android tv box. For the satellite receiver, the price is $50 per year. Android TV users will pay $65 per year.


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  1. hello

    I have appollo iptv in my starsat receiver. My subscription will end very soon. I need to renew it. can you help me to do this.

    Jalal Al-Hudaifi

  2. hello.. i bought your subscription and i like it.. but it came with a prental lock and i don’t have the code.. Can you help me reset it please!

  3. Today i hve purchsed startrack gold 2019, inwhich apollo5 already subscribed for 12 months. but it came with a prental lock and i don’t have the code.. Can you help me reset it please! Plz share the detail via email

  4. I purchased the Starsat 90000 Extreme receiver on 11/14/2020
    forever server will be effective until 2022
    My problem is that the Apollo iptv server has expired, although it was not used. Please inform me and solve the problem. Thank you

  5. Sir..
    I have StarSat_SR_90000HD.. I’m from Pakistan, couple of days ago I have had lots of channel from Pakistan but after updating receiver software it show very less channels. Even it have very few news channels.. Can I ask why this happened? And will we be able to watch all that channels again in near future?

  6. i bought Starsat RS- 30W Android tv box but didn’t login required activation code but i have not plz tell me what can I do

  7. I bought a Gold HD G-7 Forever Receiver and connected to WIFI also already. Now I would like to renew and watch for Apollo 5 Channel. So How can I buy renew license or activate online for that channel.

  8. WANGI DENIS. Am in uganda having starsat 200 extreme but its acounts both apollo and setlite channals are off , how can i renew the my account

  9. I have Tiger star T10 Razer receiver I want recharge Apollp IPTV of one years so please someone tell me price with PKR amount .


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