Cancel ATT U-Verse: Simple Steps To Cancelling ATT U-Verse Service

Cancel AT&T U-verse isn’t easy as you think because the company won’t allow completing cancelling your service online. The best and most comfortable way to cancel U-Verse is by dialling AT&T customer service on a phone call and going through the step-by-step guides involves. 

Cancel ATT U-Verse: Simple Steps To Cancelling ATT U-Verse Service
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While about to cancelling your AT&T U-Verse service, you’ll get offer to stay, which you need to turn down if you are truly serious about cancelling it.


Step-By-Step Guide To Cancel AT&T U-Verse

To cancel your U-Verse service, then you need to perform the following steps:

1. Firstly, You need to call AT&T’s cancellation hotline on 800-288-2020

2. Make sure you have the account details on hand before you proceed to make the call, including your account number usually found on the recently U-Verse bill.

3. Make sure you keep the bill close as the AT&T representative will likely need to confirm the account ownership and U-Verse plan.

4. Ensured you turn down evert offer by the AT&T customer representative as their always eager to keep you active. It may include a series of promo offers and as well as discounts. Note that this is a trick exploits by the representative to signing a new U-Verse contract. You’ve to reject all the offer if you truly want to cancel your U-Verse service.

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Returning Equipment

After the cancellation process has been finish. You’ll receive a message in your registered email confirming that your request to cancel U-Verse service has been accepted. Therefore, you’re hereby to return all the equipment, including DVR, Remote controller and router back to the company.

It will also be declared in the letter which equipment you need to return to AT&T company. Also the returning due date will be stated in the document. Initial, you’ve agreed and signed the contract of renting that equipment when you first pay for U-Verse service. So for you to have cancelled the service, then you need to make a return of the machine.



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