SLTV Africa HD Decoder, Frequency, Price And How To Renew It

SLTV Africa will soon be a hotcake in the satellite tv market as the best alternative to yayi tv, which failed to accomplish its mission. SLTV Africa is a satellite tv company rumored and owned by CTL/Metro Digital. I’m bothering whether it is a legal or illegal company like yayi or TStv. Don’t worry, and I’m here to shed more light on it. This post will review SLTV, decoder, Satellite, frequency, the subscription price, and how to renew it.


SLTV HD Decoder Key Spec:

  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X compliant
  • Support Multistream
  • Support HEVC H.265 compliant
  • Diseqc Switch 1.0/1.1 USALS
  • HDMI, AV jerk and USB Ports
  • Support Xtream IPTV protocol 
  • Blind Search
  • Support Youtube
SLTV Africa

About SL-TV Africa

Based on the research, SLTV Africa is rumored and owned by CTL/Metro Digital company in the eastern part of Nigeria. If it is true, this will be the first satellite digital service in Nigeria after a long-serving of terrestrial services in the region. 

The channels of SLTV Africa are superb, with most of them are English speaking, though the contents consist of DStv channels. The first time SLTV appears on the satellite tv platform was free-to-air for about 2-3 weeks for test transmission on Belintersat at 51.5e using frequency 11003 H 8333. The same position of both Mytv Africa and TStv, and the coverage expected to cover sub-Sahara Africa. Note that selling SLTV decoder outside Nigeria may be prohibited according to each country’s NBC policy.


The Frequency Used By The SLTV Africa on Belintersat At 51.5E.

  • Dish Size: 60cm dish above
  • Satellite: Belintersat at 51.5E
  • SLTV Frequency: 11103
  • Polarization: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 16666

Before you proceed to track your dish, I request you to get the following tools ready:

  1. Dishpointer App
  2. A Digital Satfinder
  3. Hammer, Spanner of different sizes, Screwdriver, and a ladder
  4. An SLTV HD decoder and TV


  • A brand new SLTV HD decoder comes with a 1month free subscription.
  • SLTV has 30 channels dedicated for the sport, movies, music, news and so on.
  • The unit cost of the SLTV HD decoder start from N16,500 above depends on the dealer.
  • There are official offices to purchase it or renew SLTV subscription directly usually costs N5,500.
SLTV AFRICA Frequency And Satellite On Belintersat 51.5E

How Do I Point My Dish To Get SLTV Africa Channels

  • Firstly, check the ladder is well placed on the ground and the dish pole is strong enough to hold the dish.
  • Use the dish pointer app to find satellite information such as inclination, Azimuth, and LNB screw adjustment. Write those details down on a sheet of paper.
  • Set the azimuth according to the value written down.
  • Lose the inclination sleeve nuts allowing you to move the dish up and down.
  • Set up the Satfinder accordingly, i.e., SLTV Africa Satellite is Belintersat 51.5e using frequency 11103 H 08333.
  • Raise your dish to 51.5 degrees. Once you get the signal, tight the inclination sleeve nuts.
  • Try to improve the signal by adjusting the azimuth from left to right and ensuring the signal is not lost; otherwise, retore it back to the original position.
  • Screw the LNB for possible signal improvement
  • Tight the sleeve nuts of both azimuth and inclination permanently.
  • Disconnect the cable from Satfinder and connect to the SLTV Africa HD decoder
  • Plug your decoder into the power socket
  • Sit back and enjoy the world of sport. If the SLTV HD decoder is not showing a picture, try to renew the subscription or call your supplier’s assistance for activation if it is a new decoder.

SLTV Channels List

  1. Cartoon
  2. SSPL
  3. SS Variety
  4. SS Laliga
  5. Discovery
  6. SS WWE
  7. Food Network
  8. History
  9. NAT GEO
  10. Nat Geo Wild
  11. ID
  12. Disney
  13. ESPN
  14. MTV BASE
  15. Nickelodeon
  16. E!
  17. CSB Justice
  18. MBC2
  19. SSFB
  20. SS Variety 2
  21. SS Variety 1
  22. TNT
  23. SS Action
  24. Nickjr
  25. CNN

How To Renew SLTV Africa HD Decoder Subscription

To renew your SLTV HD decoder, you need to get the following ready:

  1. An SLTV HD decoder pointed with the active signal.
  2. Decoder Serial Number, to get it: Press Menu>>>>>Settings>>>>>About STB/STB Information and copy out the Serial Number
  3. Contact your Yayi decoder dealer or supplier to make the payment. If you don’t have one, you can contact me to renew your SLTV subscription fast.
  4. While making the payment, make sure your decoder is power on to monitoring the activation.
  5. Once the dealer finishes renew your SLTV HD decoder then, the signal will come up instantly.


Where To Buy SLTV Africa HD Decoder?

SLTV HD decoder is available in the following country Nigeria and Ghana, as the market center in West Africa. Other countries can check any of the local public markets or Contact me to place an order.

How To Renew SLTV Africa HD Decoder Subscription

What Can I Watch With The Decoder

All the SLTV HD decoder channels are purposely for watching live soccer, documentary, movies both African and foreign such as following.

  • English Premier League
  • LA Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • FA Cup
  • Carabao Cup
  • Champions League
  • UEFA Cup
  • European Qualifiers and International Friendly and so on.

SLTV VS DStv: Who Win?

I don’t have to repeat much about SLTV; where does DStv get it right over its counterparts are as follows:

  1. A crystal clear picture in high definition
  2. Real-time live events without match delayed.
  3. Official digital broadcast with the copyright owner
  4. Bunches of channels for both sport, movies, lifestyle, and so on
  5. Direct customer service
  6. It covers a variety of sports events.

While SLTV gets it right over DStv as follows:

  1. Affordable cost of purchase and renewal subscription
  2. It covers all the top European Leagues
  3. Only dedicated to watching live football, but showing Hollywood and Bollywood movies when there are no live matches
  4. No direct payment and customer support except through agent or dealer.
  5. SLTV HD decoder support IPTV, Multistream, and H.265 compliance for free-to-air channels

I leave my audience to judge, decide, and follow their interest because all fingers are not equal. You can also be enjoying IDMAN TV and CBC Sport for the same purposes.


If you already know how the yayi tv decoder work, you can assume that SLTV will have the same work-flow. Yet, some extra features will make it more lucrative for the customer to afford. Let’s me say that SLTV Africa continues from where Yayi tv stops, and that does not rule out the coming back of yayi.


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  1. I hope this would not be cut off again or stopped from operating like the last time with Metro. I subscribed and 2days later, the service was stopped. Now, I am reluctant to go into this again. What assurances can you give me to believe that this time, your services would continue.

  2. Sltv chennels in my mytv channels, the signal is OK but the channels are not showing is just blank. I don’t know if I can pair it with my mytv smart card or strong decoder.

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  4. Hi.
    How much is SLTV decoder and where can one buy it within Enugu or Nsukka?
    What are their various packages and rechargeable or subscription amounts?
    All ears for earnest reply please.

  5. Your frequency always change. The new frequency, stations attached to it is bulshit…. Even d mbc2 wey we dy manage don comot…. U guys are yet to gt it right.

  6. Please is sltv going to stay or fade away like others. It is showing most DStv channels, I hope it is not a hack TV that DStv will later block. Thanks.


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