How To Set up Chmax And Mango Cloud

ChMax is one of the services offered by the Metamango platform. It is the latest technology for watching premium channels across many satellite packages without receiving a signal from the satellite dish. However, you need internet data to run Chmax smoothly.


About Metamango

Metamango helps to manage and view some TV channels. You can choose your favorite channels to watch. To manage and view the channels and video on demand via the internet. You can watch exciting programs on demand at any time.

Metamango allows the user can view the channels via satellite when there is no internet. You can watch many programs using a satellite dish even without the internet.

EPG Pro is an advanced EPG system that merges all the website and lives stream data, including the multi-language translation service. EPG with poster and trailer gives more valuable information.

You can easily scan or, lets me say, upload channels on your receiver without having a signal using the Metamango platform.

To set up Chmax on the Metamango platform, you must have a satellite receiver with an active Apollo5 IPTV subscription and a stable internet connection.

1. Open this link or scan the Mango cloud QR code from your receiver using a mobile phone to enter the Mango platform

Mango Registration
QR Scan

2. Register a Mango cloud account using your email and verify your email.


3. After login, open “Terminal” and then click add “STB” to link or bind the Serial Number of your receiver to the account portal. A verification code will be displayed in the “Save To cloud” interface for the first time or Check About STB menu

Add STB on MetaMango
Linking STB with metamango cloud services
Serial Number
From Save Cloud Menu
About STB
From About STB Menu

To access the “Save To Cloud” menu from your receiver, Press menu>>>Edit Channels>>>User Channels List>>>Save To Cloud” then press the green button to save the channel list to the Mango cloud server.

Saved To Cloud ChMax and Metamango settings

To download and update previously saved channels, then you need to “Load from Cloud” Press Menu>>>Edit Channel>>>User Channel list>>>Load To Cloud.

Load From Cloud Mango settings

4. Open Cloud Services, then enter ChMax, at here, you can copy, add or edit or delete and arrange a saved channel list according to your taste. You can see the picture below for the list of satellite packages added.

Metamango Cloud Services
Cloud Services Editor

5. Tap on “Save” and reboot your STB. The newly added channel will appear on the channels list.

Metamango Channels Editor

6. ChMax Settings on your STB. Make sure your STB or receiver is running the latest software version, and activate the hidden menu by pressing F1 and 0000, then choosing “Enable Internet.” To access the ChMax Settings menu, Press menu>>>Settings>>>ChMax. You can switch on the following, as shown in the picture below:

ChMax Setting on STB

ChMax Supported STBs

Any receiver with forever server or Apollo IPTV can support ChMax, including the following:

  1. Mediastar: MS-Mini, MS, and Diamond series
  2. Tiger: T series, and One Million
  3. Starsat: SR and 4K series
  4. Vision
  5. Senator
  6. Geant
  7. iBox: Ghost box 2, and Octopus 4K
  8. StarMax
  9. HD Premium
How To Set up Chmax And Mango Cloud

Benefits of ChMax

You can access the satellite packages unavailable in your region even if you have a larger dish. For instance, it is tough here in Nigeria to access most European and Middle-East satellites, including Astra 19, Hotbird 13, Nilesat 7W, Eutelsat 16A, and others. With ChMax, you can have these satellite packages without having their signal. 

You can watch live sports, movies, documentaries, and news comfortably. The quality pictures quality is excellent. It gives more information about the channel you’re watching and loads each channel logo.

Note that the version of the forever server on your STB will determine the channels working on your receiver. Forever Pro has more channels working than regular Fshare servers.

Metamango Cloud services can manage your channel list without using a remote. You can add more STBs for the same channel list on a single account. Don’t forget to drop your comment below if face any challenges.


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  1. I have not been able to register my mediastar mini ms2121 on metamango as it keeps saying that my last 4 stb serial number is incorrect. Any help please?

  2. The registration process is complex and it appears that is no support and guidance on the website.
    I have used three days without success. I registered with my email as well as my phone number. But they keep telling me I am not registered and that my email and phone number have been used. As it is I can’t proceed because I am stuck here. Any useful tips, please?

    • It seems your device serial number has been used before. You have to get a fresh email and serial number of supported device and try to register again. I hope it will work for you this time

  3. Thanks for your response. I finally did it, my device is now bound to the cloud but no channels updated. My forever is yet to expire but I noticed my Apollo account is out, could that be the reason?

  4. Have activate my chmax and have scan out channels but those chanel shows quality signal strength percentage but the chanel is saying no signal, what should I do

  5. I have successfully bound my the decoder to chmax but the channels did not updated I noticed if I play the Apollo is not playing

  6. Happy new year!
    Thanks for the great page and the useful advise. I have an inquiry please and would need your expert opinion.
    In the intro above “Metamango allows the user can view the channels via satellite when there is no internet.”
    My Apollo account is inactive and my connection is too slow and I was wondering if I can watch programs without an internet connection. My question is: Do I use the same setting you recommend above or do I need to do something different or additional? What about the scrambled channels? Do I need to do anything in particular?

    I’d really appreciate your response and insight. Thanks in advance.


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