IB or IBO Player Pro App Review

IB or IBO Player Pro App is a streaming player, specifically, m3u format, that works for Firestick, Android smart TVs, Android TV Box, smartphones, and tablets. One of the best features of the Ibo Player Pro app is that it is easy and fast to set up. You can watch your favorite TV shows, including sports, movies, and series, at the best user experience. IB Pro Player is the same as the IBO Player Pro app, with the same features and functionality but a different website or owner. 

Both IB Player and IBO Player Pro offer a 6-day trial for customers to check, and it costs less than $15 to activate your device’s Mac address. 

IB or IBO Player Pro App Features

Key Features:

  • Simple User-Interface
  • Has M3U and Xtream Code Api format
  • Support Multi-language
  • Has Parental control
  • Support all screen resolutions for Smartphones, Android TV boxes, Roku, firestick, etc
  •  Built-in fast streaming player and external players like MX and VLC.

IB or IBO Player Pro App Review

Are you looking for the best streaming app that loads your IPTV subscription in seconds? IB or IBO Player Pro is the best option for you. They offer a simple user interface and multi-language, supporting different device resolutions. 

You can manage or add your subscription remotely via their manage playlists page. You can manually add or load the m3u playlist on the app user’s account menu.

Regarding device compatibility, IB or IBO Player Pro App can work on Smartphones, Android TV Box, Firestick, Roku and Windows. IB or IBO Player Pro is available in Smart TV stores, including LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, and Panasonic. 

Note that, IB or IBO Player Pro App doesn’t sell playlist or subscription. However, if you’re looking for complete app that provide subscription, considering going for Evision IPTV pro app.

How Does it Work?

IB or IBO Player Pro doesn’t provide IPTV screaming content; instead, it is a streaming player. Every device has a unique Mac address along with a device key. And you will need an IPTV subscription in m3u playlist format. You can contact me to purchase one.

Once you have purchased your m3u playlist subscription from your provider, you must download the IB or IBO Player Pro App from your device store or visit their website. 

How To Upload IPTV M3u Playlist On IB or Ibo Player Pro App Via Website:

  • Firstly, Download the IB or IBO Player App from your TV store.
  • Launch the app
  • Copy out the Mac address and device key.
  • Visit the web page displayed on the TV screen or scan the barcode.
  • Tap on Manage Playlist
  •  Enter your device’s Mac address and device key.
  • Tap on login
  • Once you have successfully login, tap on Add Playlist or XC Playlist 
  • Enter any name and playlist URL
  • Input 4 digits if you would like to protect your IPTV subscription
  • It will save your data and upload your IPTV subscription to the IB or IBO Player Pro App.
  • On your TV Screen, tap on continue.
  • Wait a minute for the app server to connect with an IPTV subscription uploaded. 
  • Once done, you can start watching Live TV, Movies, or Series once done.
How To Upload IPTV M3u Playlist On IB or Ibo Player Pro App

How To Upload IPTV M3u Playlist On IB or Ibo Player Pro App

Here, you don’t need to visit their website; instead, use the app user’s account option to add m3u playlist. Here are the steps to follow:

  • After downloading the IBO Player Pro App and ins, you have it on your device,
  • Open the IB Player Pro App
  • Click on continue
  • After loading, click on “Change Playlist.”
  • Tap on “Add Playlist”
  • By default, it will request you to enter the Playlist Name and m3u URL. Alternatively, you can switch to Xtream Code API and enter the required details.
  • Tap on ‘Add Playlist”
  • Wait a few seconds to show Connected on the Added Playlist account, and you are ready to start watching.

How To Install IB Player Pro On Samsung, Sony And LG Smart TV

  • Open your TV store.
  • Tap on the search icon.
  • Enter IBO Player Pro App
  • Once it appears, tap on it.
  • Tap on download and wait to complete the app installation.
  • Open it once it is fully installed. 
  • Copy the Mac address and device key to add your IPTV subscription.
  • Visit their website and tap on the manage playlist page.
  • Enter the Mac address and device key.
  • Tap Login
  • Tap on Add Playlist
  • Enter your IPTV Subscription (m3u) and name.
  • Tap on Add Playlist
  • Click on reload and continue.
  • Finally, you can start watching once you have the home interface display with Live TV, Movies and Series. 

Activation And Pricing

Be it IBO Player Pro or IB Player App; both are the same in terms of functionality and features. After six days of trial, you must pay and activate your device’s Mac address for unlimited time or 12 months of validity, between $7 and $15, respectively. You can follow the steps below to activate your Mac address for IB or IBO Player Pro App:

  1. Visit any of these websites (site 1 or site 2 or site 3) depending on the IBO Player or IB App supported by your device.
  2. Tap on “Activate”
  3. Enter your device’s Mac address and device key.
  4. Tap Login 
  5. Scroll down to click “Pay with Stripe” or “Pay with PayPal”, depending on your choice of payment method.
  6. Enter your card details and click pay.
  7. Once your payment goes through, your Mac Address will be automatically activated once the payment is confirmed. 
  8. You can easily confirm by reloading the app and tapping on the account. 

Here are the best IPTV subscriptions that I confirmed working with the IBO or IB Player Pro app:

1. Premium Pro IPTV 

2. Royal IPTV

3. Lava or Jarvis

4. Crystal OTT

5. Porsche TV

6. Extra OTT

Feel free to use my contact page if you want a stable and high-quality IPTV subscription; you can also comment below.

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