How To Adjust or Re-align A Satellite Dish Signal In 2020

Adjusting or re-align a satellite dish signal is very much essential most especially during this time of the season where there’s torrential rainfall, and floods occur. Heavy winds can cause loss of signal as it may shift the dish a little bit or entirely from its position. To adjust or re-align a satellite dish, you need to get below tools ready and follow the guides to re-align your satellite dish signal.


Requirement Tools or Equipment:

  • A ladder with adequate height to reach satellite dish
  • Crescent wrench of different size depending on the size of the satellite dish
  • Dishpointer App or Satellite Pointer App
  • A compass
  • A digital receiver or decoder
  • Television
  • Signal meter or signal finder


If you are experiencing No signal, Weak signal or searching for signal message appeared on your TV Screen. I would suggest you remove the power cord from either Dish Network or DirecTV Network or DStv receiver for few seconds. If the message appears on your TV screen or the signal problem persists. Then you need to re-align or adjust your satellite dish by changing the elevation and azimuth settings.

How To Adjust or Re-align A Satellite Dish Signal

How To Adjust or Re-align A Satellite Dish Signal

To fix a satellite dish signal by adjusting or re-align dish, You need to use the signal meter to monitoring the signal and here are steps on how to use the signal meter or sat finder:

  • Press Menu
  • Select Installation and press ok
  • Choose the appropriates satellite
  • Enter the transponder/frequency or choose the right transponder from the list

There are stages involves in aligning or adjust your satellite dish, which as follows:

  • Check the mast and make sure it is level
  • Adjust the azimuth or rotational of the satellite dish
  • Adjust the elevation of the satellite dish

Precautions And Tips

  • Ensures that the dish is well placed on the level surface to prevent falling.
  • Ensures that the dish holds firmly to avoid damage to your finger and body as a whole.
  • Gently remove the dish if needed and gently re-mount without causing harm to the satellite dish.
  • Tighten the sleeve nuts both on elevation and azimuth, but still movable for easy Installation.


How To Adjust The Elevation And Azimuth Of The Satellite Dish

Elevation refers to as the movement of the vertically(up and down) towards a particular satellite angle degree. To fix or adjust the height of Inclination of your satellite dish, you need to do the following:

  • Use a compass to determine the East and West position.
  • Mount the dish to a place where it is free from obstructions and ensures that it levels with the ground perpendicular to 90 degrees.
  • Loosen the elevation bolts and sleeve nuts a tittle bit but not totally and make sure that the dish is still movable.
  • Start moving your dish up and down/left to right slowly while watching the signal finder to point out the signal point until the highest signal is achieved.
  • Tighten the elevation bolts and sleeve nuts completely to avoid loss of signal.

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