Steam Screenshot Folder: Where To Locate It In PC’s

Taking a screenshot using an in-built steam shortcut key seemly incredibly easy. You probably get some stunning movies to watch from one of the best PC games, or you want to fix an issue experiencing while playing. The process involved is straightforward, and the screenshot saved images not automatically as you think. You are finding the location where the screenshot saved is also very important. In this post, I will show you how to find Steam’s screenshot folder, either you’re fixing yourself using a file system or a client.

Steam Screenshot Folder: Where To Locate It In PC's
Image Credit: Minecralex

How To Find Directory Using The Steam Client

Here, what we’re looking for is the button down at the bottom that says “Show On Disk.” Click it will launch your system’s file explorer in the directory where most of the specific screenshot is saved.

If you find it challenging to access the Steam client and you need to find the image file Steam stored in your computer system, it will differ depending on which computer system you’re using.

Steam Screenshot Folder: Where To Locate It In PC's
Image Credit: Minecralex

How To Locate Steam’s Screenshot Folder Using Your Computer’s File System

 Firstly, You have to start with the Steam’s installation directory: 

On Windows 8 and Windows 10. The default directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam


On a Mac, the default directory is Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam, with username as the Mac username, not the Steam username.

On a Linux system, the default directory is ~/.local/share/Steam.

Maybe you’ve installed Steam somewhere else. You’ll need to find the Steam screenshot folder wherever you installed it. Once you’ve found Steam’s installation directory. You need to do the following to locate the screenshot you are looking for in the directory list.

  1. Go to the “user data” directory. If you have set up in your Steam client one or more accounts. You will see one or more folders with a number replace the name. Undoubtedly that is the user ID number for your different accounts hosted. In the unbelievable majority of the cases, there may be one folder. Still, if you have multiple users, it might take a bit of investigating and backtracking to locate the folder associated with your account. 
  2. Navigate to and open your user folder and look for the folder labeled “760”. Open that folder and open the folder inside labeled “remote.” 
  3. This section is very complicated: Just as every user has an ID, so does every game. If you have a vast library of games, clicking through each assigned folder with numbers will not be an easy way to locate your screenshot. The simplest method you can adopt is to go to this website. And then search for the game you’re looking for on the available list. You can search by using game ID or by the title of the game.
  4. Once you know your game’s ID, go to that folder and launch it. Then move to the folder labeled “screenshots,” Your stored screenshot will be in this folder. 

The are the best way you can locate where steam screenshot is stored in a folder on Windows, macOS and Linus system.


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