AirPods Pro Pairing To PS4 or PS4 Pro: Step-By-Step Guides

Apple AirPods Pro gadget is one of the best real wireless Bluetooth earphones through 2020. It is also a fantastic gadget that works flawlessly with your iPhone, Macbook, iPad and as well as Android devices. However, you may ask how does the AirPods Pro can work well with PS4? How do I connect AirPods Pro to PS4 or PS4 Pro? Can you connect AirPods to ps4? In this post, you can find the answer to all the question!


How Does The AirPods Can Work Well With PS4?

In fact, to connect or pairing AirPods pro with PlayStation 4 is not easy as you thought. Because the PlayStation 4 accompanied by missing features, that’s the ability to connect any Bluetooth earbuds or earphones, including only a very few options of officially licensed working.

Fortunately, there’s a cheap gadget to solve this kind of problem and enable you to connect your AirPods 2 or Pro version to your PlayStation 4: Wireless Bluetooth Dongle for PS4.


How To Connect Or Pairing Airpods Pro To PS4 Pro

How Do I connect AirPods Pro to PS4 Pro?

Step 1:

Attach the Wireless Bluetooth Dongle for PS4 into your PS4’s USB port at the front side of your PS4 console.

Step 2:

Wait for few seconds for the Dongle to flashlight blue, indicating pairing mode is ready.

Step 3:

Open the AirPodPro’s case cover or lid.

Step 4:

Tap and hold the pairing button at the backside of the AirPods Pro charging case.

Step 5:

Your AirPods will promptly be paired with your PS4 by a solid blue light displayed on the dongle.

Step 6:

Insert the Microphone adapter into your PS4 controller’s 3.5mm port.

Step 7:

Your PS4 will then pop-up a message authenticating this connection.

Step 8:

Your AirPods Pro will be automatically connected and enabling you to listen and talk through your AirPods Pro during gaming.


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