4 Secret Ways To Revive Any Dead Cell Phone Battery

But why does this occur? The quality of the phone battery primarily causes it. This is why your phone battery’s maintenance is crucial to improve longevity, but it’s never too late. This practical guide will show you the main methods to easily and quickly increase the battery’s lifespan of a mobile phone.


Method 1: Clean the contacts ports of your mobile phone and phone battery

After long-term use, the lithium battery’s metal surface and even the contacts terminal can suffer from oxidation. As a result, it may shorten the lifespan and effectiveness of the lithium battery. Carefully remove any residue/rust built up to ensure the battery has a clean contact with the phone.

To do this, carefully wipe the battery’s metal contents and your mobile phone with a proper cleaning tool. This also improves recharging efficiency and battery use duration.


Method 2: Revive a dead phone battery back to life by freezing

Practically, Lithium reactions in batteries work using a charge-discharge process in which positive and negative electric charges collide with each other. At average room temperature, the kinetic energy is nearly sizeable. However, as the battery is preparing an active/ready state, electric leakage can often occur. However, under low-temperature conditions, the lithium coating on the battery’s surface and the electrolyte microstructure and the interface will be significantly changed, leading to a temporarily inactive state that minimizes electric leakage. This extends the battery’s lifespan enabling it to be recharged across more cycles.

Step 1:

Protect your fading phone battery in old newspaper and rewrap it with plastic film two times. Alternatively, put the battery inside a tightly sealed plastic case that prevents it from getting wet.

Step 2:

Put the battery in your fridge’s ice compartment, and later take it out after three days.

Step 3:

Remove the wrapping and put the battery in a cool location away from direct sunlight for two days.

Step 4:

Embed the battery into your phone but don’t power on your device. Instead, plug the phone into the conventional charger and leave the device to charge for 48 hours.

After the device has fully charged for 48-hours, switch the device on and check the battery power status or level. This method will have revived your earlier dead phone battery if it is successful, letting it continue charging again.

Note: the primary time to use this method will achieve a pleasing effect because freezing the lithium battery will harm the battery.

4 secret ways to revive any dead phone battery

Method 3: Try jump-starting the battery

This method is generally useful for mobile phone batteries that have either reached their lifespan limit or have not been discharged for an extended period; they finally lose their ability to carry a charge. It can also occur to a battery during long-distance shipping due to the travel period from one country to another. But now, you can read how to resolve the issue by yourself.


  • A 9V battery
  • A length of split wire
  • Electrical tape
  • A dead phone battery to revive

Step 1:

The positive and negative ports on the 9V battery will be identified and connected to each terminal’s corresponding side using wire. Make sure to cover up the connection with electrical tape to avoid disconnect.

Step 2:

On your mobile phone battery, connect the positive and negative terminals with the wire. Remember to wrap it with electrical tape. Warning: Don’t interchange the connection of a positive side to a negative side.

Step 3:

Leave the batteries connected for like 30 seconds or one minute, or just long enough for your cell phone battery to get warm. Monitor the temperature and time closely.

Step 4:

As soon as the battery becomes warm, remove the batteries quickly. DO NOT try to charge your mobile phone battery fully this way. Insert the battery into your phone. As usual, you can continue to charge the battery and then try to switch on the cell phone.


Method 4: A small bulb may help

Fully discharge the fading battery and recharge it again to activate it. Doing this kind of deep discharging aims to prime the battery for longer recharging by fully draining out internal energy first.

You will need two pieces of wires here and connect them to your phone battery’s positive and negative pole. Usually, there is no positive and negative flagpole of the screw bulb. All you need here is to connect the wire to the screw and the bulb’s bottom point.

To use this method, connect your phone battery to a 1.5V small bulb.

Any remaining power in the battery will be transferred to the bulb until it has been fully drained.

Note: the bulb light will gradually become low until there is no light released. This method is not the most productive, but it works to some extent.

Final Verdict:

Whenever your phone flaunts the low battery warning, try your level best to charge it quickly.

Finally, try to avoid charging your phone overnight, even if you fond of this habit, due to the impact that unstable charging voltage can have on your phone’s battery. Every cell phone battery has a particular lifetime. If all the stated methods can’t revive your dead phone battery, you can opt to buy a new one. The phone battery is not really expensive now as it cost less than $20 in Aliexpress, and Amazon.


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