How Do I Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service

Satellite service from Dish Network broadcasts several different television channels into your home, enjoying yourself or with family and friends. However, you may have got a better offer from its rival. Maybe you’re moving and want to cancel your dish service. Or you may be tired of paying for the service, not using it very much. You can cancel the service or make a move to a better option available.

How Do I Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service
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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Cancel Your Dish Network Service:

Step 1

The simplest way to cancel your satellite service with Dish is to contact the customer service department through phone by calling (800) 333-3474.

Step 2

Tell them that you want to cancel your satellite service with Dish Network. The representative or staff may request why you wish to cancel your service. The representative may be convincing and tell you about special rates or programs that would make you change your mind and keep the service.

Step 3

By default, most customers are on a two-year contract with Dish Network to offer satellite service. Suppose you are canceling before this, you need to pay an early termination fee. Check the agreement you signed with the Dish Network to know the amount of the refund fee.

Step 4

When you’re installing satellite service in your home, Dish Network provided you with a receiver, remote controls, and possibly a DVR as shown here. It is highly recommend to shipped this equipment back to Dish Network or pay a fee for it. The Dish company will send a box to ship while you cancel your service. Learn how to fix Dish Network TV 2 not working.

These are the best steps to canceling your Dish service. If you like this post, feel free to share it.



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