No Signal on Dish TV 1, Black, Blue, or Snowy Screen

No Signal, black, blue, or snowy screen message displays on your TV 1; what is it mean to Dish network subscriber?


 It shows that, at your reception, there’s no signal connection from the dish receiver to your TV. Sometimes your receiver might be totally off or in standby mode.

How Do I Fix Dish No Signal, Black, Blue, or Snowy Screen on TV 1? 

Step 1:

Check and ensure the green light on the front of your DISH receiver is on. If there is no light, then press and release the power button on the receiver’s front. If the light is flashing or will not come on, troubleshoot the receiver’s power problem. 

Step 2:

If your TV screen is black or sometime blue, make sure your TV is turned on. Suppose you are using an audio receiver or another device like (VCR/DVD/etc.) connected between the TV and DISH receiver, turn it on as well. It is common to TV1 on Dish Network dual receiver.

Step 3:

On your DISH remote, press and release the SAT button 

Step 4:

On your DISH remote, press the Guide button 

Step 5:

Ensure all wires, especially coaxial cables, are correctly connected to the back of the TV and receiver. If any other hardware is connected between the TV and receiver, ensure those connections are tightly secure as well. 

Step 6:

Switch your TV input on your original TV remote or on the TV itself, locate the Input button (may also be labeled Source). Press the Input (or Source) button repeatedly while pausing for two seconds between switches. The correct input will match the cable type identified above (HDMI/AV cable will often have input HDMI1, HDMI2, or AV1, AV2, etc.) 

Step 7:

Reset your DISH receiver to the factory mode by unplugging the power cord of your DISH receiver (typically has a red label) from the electrical outlet or wall socket for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait for the reset process to complete. Note that it may take up to 5 minutes to finish resetting your Dish receiver. You can learn how to fix Dish Network TV 2 not working.

That’s how you can fix No Signal, Black, Blue, or Snowy Screen on TV 1 with Dish Network system. If you still facing some challenges considering swapping your Dish receiver or visit customer care support page.


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