Roku Won’t Connect To Wireless Network Issues (Fixed)

Roku Won’t Connect to wireless networks primarily led by some reasons. It is good to know and understand things that make you stream your favorite TV shows on Roku without freezing.

Most of these problems you’re experiencing while streaming in your Roku are common and should not cause you to panic.

So, let’s move on to how to go about these issues and fix Roku Won’t Connect to the wireless network on your device.

Roku WiFi Problems

You probably set up a Roku device for the first time or found yourself in this situation whereby you encounter connection Problems or errors when accessing the internet through a router.

This problem prevents you from setting up your Roku TV properly. Also, there may be a notification error after Settings up your device either for the time use or change router.

As of these common WiFi connection errors, you will fail to watch your favorite TV shows while experiencing on-screen error messages. The following are common WiFi connection issues:

  1. Unable To Connect To Wireless Network

    Usually, this message often occurs when you are trying to connect your Roku streaming device to the available WiFi connection.

Suppose you receive this error message on your TV screen. Typically, it shows that you have problems accessing the available WiFi network.

Unable To Connect To Wireless Network
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  1. Checking

    You may be experiencing this notification error after entering your established network password.
  2. Not Connected To The Internet

    This error tells you that your device encounters a network interruption when opening the streaming app platform.
  3. Loading

    This kind of error suddenly pops up on your TV screen if you have lost your internet connection while watching TV shows.

After being done with a series of issues related to why Roku won’t connect to a wireless network connection that may pop up on the TV screen, let’s move on to the solution.


How To Connect Roku To WiFi

To set up your device for the first time involves two different methods. The first one has to do with the internet connection through a wireless network connected to Roku STB.

Here are the steps you need to follow on how to connect Roku to a WiFi connection:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote control and scroll until you see the Settings option.
  • Select Network, and then choose the Set-up Connection option.
  • Choose Wireless and connect your Roku device to the available internet connection. Note that it may require you to enter the password of your Wireless Network.

The second method is to connect your Roku device to the internet using the Ethernet option, otherwise known as a wired network connection.

How To Fix Roku Won't Connect To Wireless Network
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How To Fix Roku Won’t Connect To Wireless Network

Whether you use the WiFi or Ethernet connection option, just make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid freezing pictures while watching TV programs. However, it could be frustrating to receive error notifications. Here is what you need to do to fix the WiFi network problems on your Roku device. See what you can do below:

Check your internet connection

This is the first thing you expected to troubleshoot. Scrutinize the router or establish a connection through the Settings menu, choose the correct Network, and check the signal strength.

Enter The Correct Password

It is good to copy the password to secure the internet connection from unauthorized use. Typography errors can lead to failure to connect to the internet.

Use a simple password with a combination of case-sensitive numbers and characters.

Router And WiFi Settings
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Check The Router

In some cases, if you’re just subscribed to a data plan most especially 4G LTE, you need to restart your router two times before you can be connected to the internet.

Service disruption from the provider can lead to Roku not connecting to the wireless network. So you have to call the provider for assistance if there is no routine maintenance from the provider.

You can even reset the router if you forget the password used before. Once you reset the password, it will automatically format the router to default and use the follow come password to access the internet. You can find the default password at the back of the router.

Roku Connected To The WiFi But Not Working

Sometimes your Roku device has successfully connected to the available wireless network, but still not working. You can do the following to troubleshoot this error:

Improve the signal intensity

Suppose your Roku is connected to WiFi but not working; you will experience service disruptions from your router to the streaming device.

Distant will reduce the signal if the streaming device is farther from your router. Physical obstructions like walls or pieces of furniture reduce the signal transmission.

Try to clear the path and move the Roku device close to the router for better signal strength.

Fix Wireless Connection On Roku Device
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Restart And Reset Roku Device

Firstly, reboot your Roku device as most of these streaming errors may get resolved and back to the standard Settings. To restart your Roku STB, follow these steps:

  1. Open settings menu
  2. Press Ok on System to open
  3. Choose System restart
  4. Wait for a few seconds to finish reboot processing. Once it is finished, you are good to go.

Secondly, if the wireless network connection issues still occurs, the next thing to do is reset the Roku device to the factory settings. This will erase all the factory settings to the factory defaults and begin the setup as if you are just purchasing it. Yo can also learn how to connect TCL Q6 Series Android TV To internet.

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