Dish Network Dual Receiver TV 2 Not Working (Fixed 2022)

Your Dish network dual receiver TV 2 is not working because you set the channel wrongly, or your receiver is going through some outages.

Either way, we got you covered with a series of confirmed solution methods you can try later.

To fix the non-working dish TV2, you should power process the Dish equipment and change the TV2 channel. Next, you should try to set the correct addresses for the remote in case you’re interacting with the wrong device. Lastly, you can perform a factory reset and re-plug all cables back from scratch.

The solutions are much more complex than they sound, so we highly recommend reading the entire post to follow the steps accordingly.

Why Dish Network TV2 Not Working?

If your Dish Network TV2 doesn’t work, a few things could have impacted your setup. It is essential to confirm that the TV1 is working fine to fix the second one.

Frequently, TV2 isn’t set to the correct channel, disrupting the signal and preventing TV2 from working.

But let’s summarize all of the options and look at the most frequent feedback about TV2 on the dish network dual receiver not working.

Dish Network Dual Receiver TV 2 Not Working (Fixed 2022)

1. Problem with Receiver

Any receiver issue might prevent you from controlling or working with TV2.

2. Remote Addresses Issue

If the remote address for both TV1 and TV2 are the same, you will control both devices with a single remote.

3. A Wrong Channel

If you have chosen a different channel for TV2, this may create a significant interference, interrupting TV2’s functionality.

4. Remote Problem

An issue with the TV2 remote might also prevent you from controlling its functionalities and menu.

5. Satellite Problem

At last, a satellite issue or temporal power outage in your area might cut your access to TV2 for several hours.

Now that we’ve given you a proper introduction to the main suspects let’s discuss the best troubleshooting solutions below.


How To Fix Dish Network Dual Receiver TV 2 Not Working?

How To Fix Dish Network Dual Receiver TV 2 Not Working?

Before we proceed, have you tried rebooting your dual network receiver and TV?

Sometimes, this is a simple fault that can be resolved with a restart method. So make sure to try that before moving on to any of our solutions.

If a reboot didn’t work, here are some of the best solutions against the issue:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Configuration

If a normal reboot didn’t work, maybe we should try hard resetting your configuration.

This is an easy task that will discharge your devices and provide a cold boot the next time you turn them on.

To perform a hard reset, you can follow these steps:

  • Unplug the power adapter of ALL devices included in the setup.
  • Wait for 5 minutes straight while all of your devices are unplugged.
  • Once the time has passed, plug the power adapter back into its location and test.

We recommend using a direct power source instead of devices to avoid a possible issue with the power reroute.

Solution #2 Change TV2 Channel

Another major cause preventing you from using TV 2 on your dual receiver is the wrong channel setup.

Usually, TV2 will be set to a default channel that may not match the first channel’s setup.

This is why we’ve prepared steps to change the channel of your Dish TV2:

  • Go into the settings on your Dish.
  • Locate the “Modulator Setup” tab.
  • Press the right arrow on your remote to highlight TV2.
  • Use the downwards/upwards arrows to change the channel number to “60”.

For the TV2 channel to work at “60”, your TV1 must be set at “62”. If you still haven’t done that, change the channel number on TV1 the same way you did with TV2.

How To Fix Dish Network Dual Receiver TV 2 Not Working

Solution #3 Fix Remote Address

If your TV1 and TV2 remote are set to the same “Remote address,” it is most likely that your TV2 remote will be nonfunctional because TV1’s remote is currently controlling TV2.

Note: To change and configure the remote address, you need the TV1 and TV2 remote.

Here is an easy way to change the remote addresses:

  • Go to the Settings in Dish.
  • Click on Installation.
  • Go to System Info One tab and click on it once.
  • Locate the TV2 window and with the right arrow, highlight it.
  • Grab your TV1 remote and press the Satellite button once.
  • Click on the “2” button and wait for the LED to flicker three times.
  • Press the Record button and wait.

If the remote address below TV2 changes to 2, the process is successful.

Your TV1 and TV2 need to be on different channels because otherwise, you will control the first TV with the second remote and the other way around.

Note: If you have another dual satellite receiver in your household, remove its antennas, so you don’t change the remote address there as well. You can also learn how to fix dish network remote not working.

Solution #4 Factory Reset Dish Receiver

A universal approach to any issues is to factory reset your Dish receiver. This will help if you accidentally change a configuration that might break the settings for your TV2.

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to reset your Dish receiver:

  • Press the menu button once and the home button three times.
  • Click Receiver.
  • Head to Tools.
  • Select reset to factory defaults button once,
  • Next, click on Reset Receiver to factory defaults.
  • Confirm the pop-up window.
  • Your receiver is now performing a restart.

The reset shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes, but make sure to wait until 10 minutes before you interrupt and start over.

Solution #5 Inspect The Cables

If, after a factory reset, the issue is still there, then the problem is most likely with the wiring.

For this very last solution, we prompt you to check all of the cable connections throughout your TV1, TV2, and satellite receiver, of course.

Ensure all ports are clean, cables, and take care of anything that requires exclusive maintenance in your setup. Once you’re done, re-plug all cables tightly and test.

If Dish Network TV 2 Still Not Working

If, after all of these steps, your dish network TV2 is not working, in addition, you can check Dish’s website to determine if there are any outages or maintenance problems in your area.

This can often be the reason why your satellite isn’t getting any signal or your TV2 is not working.

Write down your location and run a scan check for any ongoing dues. If there are no outages and the problem is on your side, you’ll need to contact Dish customer service and ask for assistance. You can also learn how to troubleshooting Dish Network receiver.

Hence, changing your TV2 channels provides a solution to a problem that includes the power process on devices. Then you’ll need to set the correct remote addresses, and if nothing works, factory resetting the receiver is the next step.

Final Verdict:

Now that you know why Dish network dual receiver TV 2 is not working, you should face no blunder on your way of troubleshooting the problem with the series of practical troubleshooting steps above.

After all, it is always a choice to contact Dish for another round of troubleshooting.

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