Do iPhones have SD Cards Storage To Store Files?

95% of the smartphones have a slot for a memory SD card, giving them additional storage space to store files. However, Apple’s iPhones do not have such a slot option or any provision for extending storage. There are various methods you can get around this if you want to obtain more files from your iPhone.



Forbes publishes that Apple has no reason to add an SD card slot because it can command a high margin: the price difference between several models of iPhones with various capacities is significantly more than the price Apple pays for the storage hardware. Forbes also claims that suppose iPhone supported SD cards. Many customers would buy the most affordable, lowest-capacity model and increase the memory with a low-priced card. You can also learn how to save storage space on an iPhone.

Do iPhones have SD Cards?

Third-Party Solution On SD Card Slot On An iPhone

Self-supporting company Zoom Media Plus markets an adapter that slots into the iPhone’s dock connector. So that you can even put an SD card into the adapter. To start using the device, You must launch an iPhone application invented by Zoom that can unlock PNG files, photos, audio and video files, and documents to use the device. You cannot locate the files on the card using the iPhone’s built-in apps such as iTunes.


Apple Solution On SD Card

Apple sells a camera connection tool for the iPad that features an SD card adapter, though it has two significant flaws. It is made to transfer only image and video files from the SD card storage to the device and cannot be used for other files such as music. Furthermore, the adapter is available officially only for iPad, and to try it on an iPhone, you must change the phone’s operating software. Besides, Apple does not support doing this.


The latest models of iPhone can access iCloud, which’s an online storage facility. As long as you have a strong internet connection through Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G, you can locate and use some types of files, including music, video, or images, without physically storing them on the phone. You can also get any third-party storage devices that can connect to your iPhone via Wi-Fi. However, these do not regularly integrate smoothly with iPhone applications and can be relatively heavy.


Clearing Space

Suppose you are running out of space on your iPhone and have decided to delete unwanted content and applications. In that case, you will be able to gain extra space by backing up your iPhone’s data and then restoring data from this backup as if it were a new device. This process can clear up memory space that had incorrectly marked as in use or consumed by the applications.


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