E-Vision IPTV Review For Android TV Box And Sunplus Receiver

E-Vision is one of the best affordable IPTV offering Live TV Channels across the world. The channels include UK, USA, Arab, France, Germany, Canada, etc. After downloading the E-Vision IPTV App, You can request the activation code to check the performance of the IPTV streaming service. In this post, I will do the review and explaining how to renew the E-vision IPTV code. It also works with any sunplus receivers either with the in-built protocol or via third-party software with E-Vision IPTV protocol.

E-Vision IPTV Key Features: 

  • Support Live, Movies, and Series
  • TV Catchup Streaming IPTV 
  • Support Electronic Programme Guide
  • Support Parental Control 
  • Powerful IPTV player integrated 
  • friendly User-Friendly 
  • Support Multi-language
  • Background playing and interface transparency
  • User Information And Account details 

About E-Vision IPTV

It is a Live Streaming service for android and sunplus receiver users. It facilitates watching live TV, VOD, TV Catchup, and Series at an affordable price. Channels from the USA, India, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Espanyol, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkish, Africa, e.t.c are available on the IPTV list.


E-Vision IPTV App Interface And Features

The app has a friendly interface with a great graphic design. The user can categorically select favorite shows to watch from Live TV, Movies or Series, and Electronic Program Guide, also available at the app interface. It features a multi-language option such as English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Croatian, and Spanish. It has two options of mpegts or (.ts) stream format or HLS(.m3u8) stream format for a flawless streaming experience. 

Parental control integrated to secure or protect some channels from the watch, such as Adult channels. E-Vision is fast to opening channels. The server is fully optimized without channels buffering—the app fully compatible with Android TV Box, Amazon Firestick, and Mobile Phones.

E-Vision IPTV For Sunplus Receiver

DStv/Supersport Channels

With the E-Vision IPTV activation code, you can watch all DStv African packages, including Supersports, to catch every live sports action. African movies such as African Magic Urban, Epic, Family, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and other African channels. Any African living abroad who wants to watch their local favorite shows can subscribe to this IPTV.

E-Vision IPTV On Sunplus Receivers

Most Chinese receivers built-in with sunplus chipset such as 1506G, 1506T, 1506F, 1506TV, 1506V, and 1507G support E-vision IPTV Protocol. These sunplus receivers usually come with an E-Vision IPTV protocol with a 1month free trial service. If you any one of these receivers and exhaust the free trial version, you can renew the E-Vision IPTV and request a year activation code. It is good to declare the type of device you want to use the code, either android or sunplus receivers, to avoid activation error because codes are separately designed for sunplus and android STBs. 

Here are the lists of sunplus receivers with an E-vision IPTV protocol:

  1. LEG N24 Pro or LEG N24 Plus
  2. HD Tech 9500
  3. C-sat 3300HD
  4. Ultimate G11 Ultra
  5. 3D Tech
  6. Viewsat
  7. Qsat 
  8. Kepnix
  9. Senator 9000 HD
  10. Uniquesat 9800
  11. Cobox 
  12. Strongest HD e.t.c


Renew E-Vision IPTV Activation Code For Android And Sunplus Receiver

How To Activate E-Vision IPTV On 1506 Sunplus Receivers

  • Press Menu from the remote control
  • Navigate to Multimedia, or Settings and Press 1506 or 1512 (depend on the chipset of the sunplus receiver) to enable patch
  • Scroll down to E-vision protocol and Press Ok to open
  • Press the Green button, i.e., Active by code
  • Enter the activation code
  • Press the blue button to confirm
  • Wait for few seconds to confirm the activation code, and you will get recharge success; otherwise, check your internet and the activation code. You can watch this video.

How To Install E-Vision IPTV App On Android TV Box

  • Install the app on your Android Device
  • Open the E-vision IPTV App
  • Insert the activation code
  • Firstly, Click on the “Activate” once the code is successfully activated and prompt the expiration date
  • Click on the “Login”
  • Then Start watching


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  1. Thanks bro,I would like to understand between Nashare 2 and E-vision which is an IPTV protocol on sunplus receivers,which of the the two does opening of al channels on eutelsat 36b and I will contact you when on how to buy codes for activating

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