How To Renew Forever, Gshare, And Funcam IKS Server On Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, And Others

How To Renew Forever, Gshare & Funcam IKS Server On Tiger & Starsat

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Forever, Gshare, and Funcam Server are the best IKS protocols for satellite receivers. The most advanced set-top boxes like Starsat SR-X7 Extreme, Tiger T8 Forever, Mediasatar MS-2727 Forever, and other receivers built-in 15 months Forever IKS subscriptions. Funcam and Gshare IKS server usually built-in in 12-month on any newly supported satellite receiver.

You probably have exhausted your current IKS subscription on your set-top box, and you want to renew Forever, Gshare, and Funcam server subscription. I will show you how to get the activation code and renew your set-top boxes successfully with the Forever, Gshare, and Funcam activation code in the post.


No matter where you are in the world, You can watch any live sports events such as live football, NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL, MLB, Tennis, AFL, etc.

There are thousands of local channels across the world to watch your local tv shows. Movies and series are also available such as action and series movies.

Documentaries channels are also available on any active IKS server for your research studies and strengthening your ideas. Sport channels also available mostly on Forever IKS Server.

Statistically, the Forever server is the most widely used because of its server durability and timely support. Gshare seems to be the second on the list. Simply because it is an ancient server sharing protocol usually built-in T-Link, Strong, and other satellite receivers from the Middle-East. Funcam is the last with the number of users. The coverage of the IKS server decrypts channels are limited. Cheaper than any of the first two IKS server protocols.

How To Renew Forever, Gshare, And Funcam IKS Server On Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, And Others
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How To Renew Forever, Gshare, And Funcam IKS Server On Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, And Others:

  1. To renew the IKS server on Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat, and other receivers. You need to get activation code, device’s serial number and STB must connect to the stable internet.
  2. Contact us to place an order for your renewal activation. Once the payment is confirm, wait for the supplier to send you the IKS activation code.
  3. For Forever server visit, For Gshare, visit
  4. Enter the Serial Number of your STB
  5. Enter the IKS renewal activation sent to you by me or any other supplier
  6. Type in the Auth code shown in the nearest box or click on “Change Pic” if the code shown properly
  7. Click on the “Charge” option to renew Forever and Gshare IKS server
  8. Reboot your receiver and navigate to the server sharing protocol menu to verify the server activation.

Note that you can use the above to query and refresh your Forever, and Gshare IKS account. Consider read this post to fix Forever, Funcam, and Gshare IKS server if not stable.

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    1. Merhaba, ben Türkiye’den.
      Botech Piko 600 Plus Gx 6605s Funcam destekli.Sonsuza kadar Funcam sunucu kurabilir miyim?

  1. Hello friend,
    I have a sat receiver box installed with Android, I use it to Hotbird 13 East
    Can I install Forever server or Gshare server in it ?
    Or that’s only for the boxes already installed with these servers from the start begin ?

  2. Hi boss am in uganda,recently I tried to renew my wow+ inbox stb,but to my surprise its funcam sever failed to open 4w,what went wrong bro?pliz advise.

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