How To Fix “Booting Problem” On Mediastar MS-Series Receivers

It is a great idea to know how to fix booting on the following Mediastar receivers with Ali-chips like MS- series due to power failure during the upgrade. It includes Mediastar MS-4030 4K, MS-10000, MS-15000, MS-7500, MS-6000, MS-5500, MS-5100, MS-4500 and so on.


You can help your brothers if you don’t have the receiver. I believe many people out there have been waiting for this kind of tutorial to come up from one way or the other. This post will show how to recover the Mediastar MS-series receiver showing “Boot.” Before we move on to the steps, what are the reasons why the receiver displaying boot on the front panel?

How To Fix "Booting Problem" On Mediastar MS-Series Receivers
  1. Power failure 
  2. Using wrong or incompatible software

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There are two methods you can use to fix a soft-brick Mediastar MS-Series receivers as follows:

USB Method: How To Fix A Soft-Brick Mediastar MS-Series Receiver:

  • Get a virus-free USB drive or Pendrive
  • Format the USB drive or Pendrive
  • Create a folder with the exact name “RomUpdate”
  • Download the latest software from the Official Mediastar support page
  • Extract the file to “filename.bin”
  • Rename the “filename.bin” to “RomUpdate.bin”
  • Copy the file and paste to “Romupdate” Folder
  • Connect the USB to the any of the Mediastar MS-series receivers
  • Press and hold the power button on the front panel
  • Connect the power cord to the wall socket and power on (If it was off from the power switch at the back of the receiver)
  • Wait for a few seconds for the update to start and remove your hand from the power button.
  • Once the recovery process is completed
  • The receiver will reboot itself and come to normal functions.

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Before moving on to the next method, You need to have recovery tools to restore the booting problem on the Mediastar MS-series receiver.

Recovery Tools For Mediastar MS-Series Receivers

Recovery Tools For Mediastar MS-Series Receivers

  1. Download the recovery PC tools
  2. Download the latest extracted Mediastar Z2 flash firmware
  3. A PC or Laptop with a USB port or RS-232 serial port (usually found on old laptop or old PC)
  4. An RS-232 serial cable, otherwise known as 9-male pin null modem cable
  5. A dead or booting Mediastar MS-Diamond Z2 4K receiver
  6. Install the driver comes with the disc if you’re using USB-RS232 serial cable
  7. Check the functionality of the COM Port to do this: Right-click on “My Computer” or “This PC” then select “Manage,” Click on the “Device Manager” then click on the “Ports (COM & LPT), here it will show the detected RS-232 COM Port.

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Flash Tools Method: How To Fix Booting On Mediastar MS-Series Receivers:

Flash Tools Method: How To Fix Booting On Mediastar MS-Series Receivers:

  1. First and foremost, You need to connect the RS-232 serial cable from any of the Mediastar MS-series receiver’s RS-232 serial port showing booting to the computer or PC through USB or RS-232 port.
  2. Connect the receiver’s power cord to the wall socket and power off from the switch at the receiver’s back.
  3. Extract the recovery tools in a Folder at the desktop
  4. Open the “Extracted folder” and click on the “Mediastar Ali-Loader.Exe.”
  5. The upgrading tool will appear. Click on the “Open icon.”
  6. Select the extracted mediastar flash firmware, e.g., MS-4030…bin
  7. Select the appropriate COM (as found on the device manager)
  8. Click on the “Start button.”
  9. The upgrading process will start after a few seconds displaying upgrading bars at the bottom and at the same time display on the front panel of the receiver.
  10. Once the upgrading is completed, the mediastar receiver will automatically reboot to normal; you have successfully restored a dead soft-brick Mediastar MS-4030 4K receiver.

If you still encounter a problem while you want to restore the booting problem on your mediastar receivers, you can contact me for further assistance.

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25 thoughts on “How To Fix “Booting Problem” On Mediastar MS-Series Receivers”

    • Rename the copy of the exact model software to rom.bin to a flash drive and connect it to the receiver, and then restart or power on your receiver. upgrade interface will pop up on the LED front panel wait for it to complete and reboot successfully,that’s all.

      • Hi,
        I have tried the solution you posted above on my Mediastar MS-Mini 1616, but the receiver isn’t loading the software on my flash drive. Its only switching between Booting and Update on the receiver while I’m holding the power button on the receiver, and when I release the power button after some minutes, it’ll just go back to showing booting on the receiver.

        Kindly assist with the right solution.

        Warm regards.

        • Please, try to format the flash drive, and make sure you use the right software. It will work except if the I.C. has been formatted completely. In this case, you have to reprogram the I.C

  1. Hi,
    Please kindly post the solution to Mediastar MS-Mini series booting problem. I’ve tried the solution you mentioned above but it didn’t resolve the problem…

    Warm regards.

  2. Hello, after changing to version V1.09.24514 – 13122022, the quality has worsened and the forever account does not work. The serial number of the receiver is 21***, please help

  3. hi, i have MS-v130 device and its stuck on red power led and showing boot letter on device and And after every few seconds, the light will increase and decrease, In our opinion, this problem can be caused by the device’s power supply or is it a firmware problem?

  4. I have a mediastar 10000 ferrary 4k reciver
    Only the power light and the green light are on. The display is off. Powerboard test is ok.
    Please guide me how to solve the problem

    • It seems, you have brick the receiver using wrong software during upgrading or there’s a power failure during the upgrade. Follow the step below:

      1. Get a virus free flash drive
      2. Download the latest software version for your receiver model
      3. Rename the download software to Update.bin
      4. Insert the USB drive to the receiver
      5. Press and Hold power button
      6. Plug the power cable to the wall socket
      7. Wait for the LED Front panel change and start upgrading
      8. Wait for the upgrading process to completed, and the receiver reboot itself
      9. Unplug the USB drive
      10. Your receiver will be back to normal

      Try it and give me feedback


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