How To Get Recordings Off Directv DVR Decoder

Acquiring a new DirecTV DVR decoder comes with innovations and functionality, but it also may suggest that your recorded videos are lost. You can, however, transfer recorded videos when swapping a DirecTV DVR decoder by using one of these alternative ways. In this post, I will be explaining how to get recordings off the DirecTV DVR decoder.

Contact DirecTV To Get Access To Transfer Shows Or Videos From DirecTV DVR

It cannot link DirecTV DVR decoder together to transfer recorded videos or shows from one to the other – and cannot directly hook up to the computer to transfer recorded videos or shows. This is because the encryption is integrated into the decoder and prevents illegal copying and sharing recorded videos or shows. Suppose you are swapping a DirecTV DVR with another DirecTV DVR decoder. In that case, you will be allowed to transfer the recorded shows from the old decoder to the new decoder as they have special tools for some decoder that can handle this task. You can also contact DirecTV by calling on the phone to verify if this is possible. Otherwise, then you can try an alternative approach such as those explained below. Just in case you lost signal on your satellite dish, here’s how to fix DirecTV signal problem.

Use a Video Capture Card or Device To Get Recordings Off Directv DVR Decoder

Suppose you want to save the videos or shows you have recorded on your DirecTV DVR decoder but are OK with the videos being transferred to a computer. In that case, you may think of using a video capture PCI-e card or video capture tool. The video capture card or tool works by taking audio and video from an analog cord (such as a coaxial cable, composite, component) connected to another device such as a console system or DVR decoder. This video is then taken and stored on your computer. An HDMI cord won’t work for these tasks due to the encryption from the DirecTV decoder.


You can transfer any recorded videos or shows from your DirecTV DVR decoder with a video capture card or tool. Connecting an analog wire into the output jack of your DVR decoder. Then, connect the other end of this cord into the input jack on the video capture tool. Play your recorded video or show and click the record button on your video capture tool to save it. Utilize the tool’s included software and follow the software producer’s suggestions for receiving the best quality video capture experience.

Use a VCR or DVD To Transfer Recorded Shows or Video From DirecTV DVR

Suppose you do not want to obtain a video capture card or equipment. You can take the less expensive way and use either a VCR or DVD recorder to save a copy of your recorded videos or shows get from DirecTV DVR. The VCR and DVD recorder devices work similarly to the computer capture tool. Except the recordings are not transferred to the computer. And are instead kept to either a VCR tape or a DVD disk storage.

As with any capture tool, you will need to playback the shows and manually record each with either a VCR or DVD recorder. DVD-recorded videos or shows benefit from being higher quality. They can be transferred from the DVD to your computer storage, while recording with a VCR may be much more affordable if you now own an old VCR lying around your home. These are the best way on how to get recordings off the Directv DVR decoder.


Note that do not share your recorded videos or shows with anyone. You cannot easily transfer videos or shows from your DirecTV DVR decoder because of the piracy concerns by cable network providers and your cable networks. You can, however, legitimately record and playback videos or shows as the United States by the public and broadcasting. Recorded videos or shows do not violate copyright laws unless the material is re-sharing to the public engagement platforms.

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