How To Watch Weather Channel On DirecTV Everyday

Undoubtedly, DirecTV is one of the famous satellite television service providers in the United States of America. What makes it incomparable to others are able to offer both satellite and live streaming services.

DirecTV is a subsidiary of AT&T Communication company. DirecTV contents cover categories of channels range from Sports, Movies, News, Documentary, Kids, Music, and much more. Despite the tons of channels, many users will forget the channel number for the weather channel on DirecTV. If you fall into these people, this article will teach you how to find all the channel numbers for the weather channel on DirecTV.

Weather Channels On DirecTV

The Weather Channel and WeatherNation are the two weather channels available on DirecTV.

The channel number 361 assigned to AccuWeather, while the Weather Channel is available on number 362.

These two channels are enough to provide you with the important weather forecast information you may need to know. Catch AMHQ (America’s Morning Headquarters) daily weather TV program hosted by Sam Champion.

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The Weather Channel was removed from among the channels offered by DirecTV failed to reach the TV rights broadcast agreement. Weather Channel requested a pay rise from DirecTV but has 13 cents per subscriber in a month, which is why the channel was removed from the DirecTV Network.

A few months later, DirecTV and the Weather Channels reached an agreement and restored the channel to the usual number 362.

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In 2018, DirecTV removed the WeatherNation channel and replaced it with the AccuWeather channel on number 361 for an unknown reason. AccuWeather remains there on channel number 361 till today.

Local Weather Channels

DirecTV has more than 110 local channels, and it can only be found by using your local zip code. Visit the official DirecTV website for the list of available local channels.

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How To Watch Weather Channel On DirecTV

To watch weather channels, you have to press the red button or ACTIVE button from the remote control. You need to select the Weather Channel and type in the Zip code to get the channel working. Note that you can add up to 5 different Zip codes at once.

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