OUR TV & Variety Sport: The Best Free-To-Air Sport Channels

OUR TV and Variety Sport are the best free-to-air sport channels in West-Africa. These channels makes life enjoyable and turns many to be satellite enthusiasm.

To watch live soccer events for free most especially EPL is really scarce, thanks to OUR TV on Intelsat 28 at 32.9E and Variety Sport on Belintersat 51.5E same position as New Mytv Africa position for making this possible. Today, I’m gonna teach you how to receive OUR TV on Intelsat 28 at 32.9E and Variety Sport on Belintersat 51.5E as the latest free-to-air sport in West Africa.

Our TV On Intelsat 28 at 32.9E


This channel has been a great job for a while now. It is good for those who can’t afford Yayi tv decoder. With this channel, you can watch most of the top-European league like EPL, La Liga, UCL, UEL, and so on. This makes to be one of the best free-to-air sport channels in West Africa. Checking the satellite beam, You can use minimum of 60cm dish and above to nail the Intelsat 32E.

OUR TV belongs Ghallywood package managed by SatAfrik (A Ghana private company). It packed with many other channels as well mostly for entertainment.

OUR TV Frequency

Frequency: 11015 V 30000

Variety Sport On Belintersat 51.5E

Variety Sport

Undoubtedly, Belintersat seems to be one of the best satellite in West Africa, because it host TStv along with FreeView and Mytv Africa. Variety Sport is better than OUR TV because, It is has more than 5 channels to watch EPL, La Liga, UCL, UEL, EFL, and so on.

If you love to watch wrestling, SS WWE channels are dedicated for both live and replay WWE, Wrestle Mania, and Smackdown shows. All the contents are english-commentary channels, this is amazing and best free-to-air sport channels in West Africa.

These channels belongs to Feed Channels owned and managed by unknown provider, the worst part of it is that, the channels can disappear at any time.

Variety Sport Frequency On Belintersat 51.5E

Frequency: 11103 H 8883

The satellite signal of Belintersat covers Sub-Sahara African countries. With minimum of 60cm dish and above. I strongly recommend 90cm dish to avoid loosing signal at night, then you’re good to go to nail this satellite.

Tips And How To Nail Variety Sport On Belintersat 51.5E

Tip 1: Make sure you have tracked TARA TV very well. Get at least 90% – 95% using this Frequency 11088 V 30000 . Or get a good installer with satellite finder to hit 90% signal by tilting the dish or tweakling the lnb while watching the sat finder to hit 90%.

Tip 2: Your dish size should be 90cm not 60cm in the evening you will experience loss of signal if you don’t obey this rule . The bigger your dish size the better for the sat beam to fall on the your dish .

Tip 3: Get a good quality original LNB e,g Strong, inverto or Technomate before tracking this bird. Don’t complain when you know your lnb is not among those listed here.

Tip 4: After nailing Tara tv insert this variety sport Frequency 11101 H 8332.

Tip 5: Very Very important Blind Scan All satellite channels including all encrypted channels . All the Variety Sport channels will come up. Later you can delete those encrypted ones.

Just in case the channels disappeared as I said earlier, OUR TV Intelsat 28 at 32.9E will vindicate you anytime there’s live football matches, enjoying while last.

Best Free-To-Air Sport Decoder or Receiver

Which Receiver/Decoder Work Best For The Two Channels?

Mediastar MS-Mini 2727 and Mediastar MS-Mini 1818 works best with those channels. Alternatively, You can get 6-month Forever IPTV, VOD and 1-month free MYHD IPTV on Mediastar MS-Mini, 15-month forever Server, Fully HEVC H.265, Autoroll Biss and PowerVU Key. If you show interest to purchase anyone of these decoder or receiver, you can contact me to place an order.

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