Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Receiver Review

Mediastar company is set to launch a new product named MS-4030 Pro 4K receiver. It is a non-android STB with great features, including a 15-month Forever Server Pro and 12-month Forever TV. Let’s quickly check other speculation’s key specifications. It is upgraded version of Mediastar MS-4030 which has been in the market for a while now.


Key Features:

  • Mediastar MS-4030 Pro support DVB-S, DVB-S2, and DVB-S2X (Multi-stream)
  • Built-in Ali-2661 CPU dual core 1GHz CPU 4000 DMIPS with ALIM 2661 chipset
  • Built-in 4GB RAM DDR3 and 512MB storage
  • Fully support 4K 60fps 2160 x 3840 resolution
  • Support VP9, and H265 codec 10-bit color
  • Has an external USB-WiFi adapter
  • 3G Modem and Ethernet
  • 15-month Forever Server Pro
  • 12-month Forever TV
  • 1-month Apollo IPTV
  • It has a good tuner to strengthen weak signal
  • Support diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2 USALS
  • Support SAT2IPTV, and Chmax
  • It has 20,000 channels, TV and Radio capacity
  • Has Spectrometer ability to check the signal level
Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Receiver Price

Mediastar MS-4030 Pro Review: Body And Design 

Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Ultra is a lightweight receiver. The body is made up of plastic which helps its lightweight. Regarding the structural aspect, the company did a good job. It is easy to carry over a long distance. Vents holes are there to prevent overheating.

The motherboard architecture looks beautiful with modern panel high-quality materials. Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Ultra receiver has the same look as Mediastar Phoenix. However, it has not supported Android OS.

Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Receiver Specifications

The LED panel in the front displays the Channels information and system menu. I found a DVB-S2X tuner, SPID/Coaxial, AV out, Ethernet, USB, Ethernet, and power switch on the backside. One USB is at the side of the receiver.

Hardware, And Software

The DVB-S, DVB-S2, and DVB-S2X tuner in Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Ultra receiver supports multi-stream and strengthens the weak signal. It has a spectrometer to the monitoring signal flows. 

VP9, H.265 codec, and 4K 10-bit help the device detect signals in H.265 Codec and support different resolutions for picture clarity. Mediastar MS-4030 Pro is a built-in Ali 2661 CPU, 4GB RAM DDR3, and 512MB storage. 

Global Server And IPTV

Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Ultra receiver has a 15-month Forever Server Pro and can use VIP and SP1 or SP2 if the user resides in Europe. It has a 12-month Forever TV, and 1-month Apollo IPTV to watch your favorite tv shows.  

Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K

Mediastar MS-4030 Pro 4K Ultra Receiver Price And Available

DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, and EMS are the most reliable shipping companies. A unit price costs $200 without the shipping, and to place an order, you have to contact me to check for the shipping cost. As for payment, we accept PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and Bank transfers. Contact us for more inquiries.


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