Forever VIP IKS Review, Cost, And How To Buy

Global IKS Forever Package or Fshare team has announced a new version of the server to the list tags “VIP.” A Series of questions or, let me say, doubts will come to the users’ minds: What does the VIP server package bring, What receiver model support it, and what will be the cost? 


This new development has led to a severe discussion on social media platforms. This post will give you everything you need to know about the Global IKS Fshare VIP server.

What Values Does Forever VIP Package Server Brought?

It is an extraordinary IKS server built-in with security patches to break highly secure channels. As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 events approach, Forever VIP package servers are purposely develop for customers to watch the events in crystal clear. 

Fshare VIP server breaks channels from Eutelsat 36A (DStv) and Bein Media Group channels on Nilesat 7W and Badr 26E. Some receivers, including Mediastar, Tigerstar, and Starsat, have rolled out new software to their boxes capable of hosting Forever package or Fshare VIP server protocol. Funcam has released patch adding VIP package to the supported funcam boxes.

Forever VIP Package Code

As we closely monitor the functionalities of this Violet version of IKS, I will advise our dear followers to exercise more patients before subscribing to the Forever VIP package server. Nothing is guarantee in the world of IKS, and the story may change within a short time.

Which Satellite Receiver Support Forever VIP Package IKS Server

Only some of the satellite Fshare IKS receivers can host the VIP version. Make sure you upgrade your STB to the latest software version. You can find the new firmware of your receiver on SatDL or visit the official page of your receiver brand.


There are a lot of speculations on social media platforms regarding the price. Most online distributors put a price tag of $10 per month, whereas the official price for Forever VIP Package codes is $4 per month, but this has yet to be confirmed.

How To Get Forever VIP Package Codes?

Buying and renewing the Forever VIP Package code has the same process as the normal one. So you don’t need to panic about renewing or loading it on your receiver. You can head to my post for the activation and renewal process.

According to information from a reliable source, channels belonging to Fshare VIP package will only work when World Cup matches start and stop working after the last game of the day. However, this policy may change later on. You can also contact me to buy or renew the Forever VIP package IKS server for your receiver.


Please wait until after the world cup if the server continues to function more effectively. Later on, you can subscribe to the Forever VIP Package code and get the activation done on your boxes. Nashare2 has been released to the sunplus receivers if you can’t buy the Forever violet package. DStv and Bein channels are confirmed to be working on Nashare 2 IKS.


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  1. I’m from Saudi Arabia, I bought my Forever VIP code from him. He sent code within a minute I sent him money. He’s trustworthy guy.

  2. Hi brother Abu Maryam, I have mediastar 2121 can it support forever VIP and can it open Dstv ,star times and all being sports packages whether on nilsat or on bard 26°.or not and direct me how I can subscribe for the server (forever VIP) on it

  3. Hello sir, I have a mediastar ms mini 2121 forever does it support VIP forever server or not and is Fshare a VIP package and you will send me the details to pay


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