SLTV Card Released, Price And Availability

SLTV Card is now available in the market following the delay in releasing the cardless decoder. In my previous post, we do a thorough review of SLTV Africa, decoder, satellite, position, frequency, and how to point your dish. Today, I will discuss the SLTV card, how it works, where to buy and renew the SLTV card subscription.

About SLTV Card

SLTV is owned and managing by Metro Digital company. This company aims to deliver digital tv services through satellite signals direct to home in Nigeria and neighboring countries. The Card was released earlier this month due to the high demand for the cardless decoder that is yet to be available in the market. This is why the company rolls out the card for customers with CA card slots to enjoy the service through their set-top box. With an SLTV card, you can watch uninterrupted top European league such as EPL, LA Liga, Serie A, French League 1, Champions League, Uefa Cup, European Qualifier, etc. You can also watch movies, documentaries, news, Kids, and many more.

How Does Card Work?

SLTV delivers the digital tv through the card slotted into the receiver, and the satellite signal pointed to the SLTV Satellite orbital. The card must have an active subscription for the receiver to receive the activation from the provider. Every card has a unique serial number which can be used to renew an SLTV subscription. It is advisable to keep your decoder power before making the payment to renew your SLTV subscription.


How To Renew SLTV Card

The process is easy and straightforward. Send your serial number to the accredited SLTV dealer, make the payment to him or her and make sure that your decoder is power on and the card slotted correctly. Also, make sure the signal is available on the decoder to be fast and successful for the activation process.

SLTV Card Playing Supersport Channels

Where To Buy SLTV Card And Pricing

You can get the card through the accredited dealer or contact me to buy the SLTV card at the best price for as low as N9,500 with a one-month free subscription, and the renewal price is N5,500. 

Compatible Decoder

One of the trending questions that may come to your mind is, Can the SLTV card work on my decoder? Don’t worry. It works on any decoder with CA Slot or card slot. SLTV has been confirmed working on the following decoder such as:

  1. Mediastar MS-Mini 4030 4K, 2727, 1818, 2121, 2525 e.t.c
  2. Mediastar Diamond Z1, Z2, X1 and X2
  3. Starsat SR-X series
  4. Strong SRT 4960 series, 4922, 4950 e.t.c
  5. GT Media V7 and V8 series
  6. Hellobox 
  7. GSky
  8. HD Box

You can let us know in the comment section if your decoder is working with the SLTV if not among the listed decoder.

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