How To Access GoDaddy Webmail Address On Window, iOS And Android Devices

You are trying to login or access GoDaddy’s Workspace Webmail email server using a mobile browser, a desktop Web browser, or the GoDaddy mobile app. The GoDaddy Webmail service allows you to check email accounts linked with one or more of your domain names (Site URL) hosted by the GoDaddy Webhosting server.


The GoDaddy mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, allows you to establish a reliable connection between your GoDaddy email accounts and the mobile device. You can also set up your favorite email client including, Thunderbird, or Outlook to manage your GoDaddy email accounts linked with your site domain. Finally, you can easily access your email accounts while login into your GoDaddy hosting dashboard.

How To Access GoDaddy Webmail Address On Window, iOS And Android Devices

Accessing GoDaddy Webmail on Desktops/Windows

To manage your GoDaddy email account from a Windows desktop, make sure you use a standard Web browser. Enter the desktop version of the Workspace Webmail URL (i.e., domain in use) into the browser’s address bar and then tap “Enter” to open the Web-based email tool. Enter the email address of the account you want to manage into the Username field-space, and then type in the password connected with the account in the Password field space. Click on the “Log In” icon to access your email account.


Accessing GoDaddy Webmail on Mobile Phone

Use the browser (Chrome or Firefox, or UC Web) on your mobile device to manage your GoDaddy email account. Open the browser, and then type the mobile mail URL in use. Click on the “Go” icon or press the “Return” key option to launch the Workspace Webmail tool. Type in, the email address and password to log in.

Using Mobile Application

GoDaddy currently gives a free secure email application for Android and Apple/iOS devices. You have to download and install the GoDaddy mobile app from Google Playstore or iTunes for the respective mobile platform. To do this:

Open the mail app on your mobile phone. Then click on the “Email Management” option to access the email dashboard. Here, type the email address of the account you want to open in the “Email” field. And then enter the password for the account in the Password section. Click on “Go” or Tap the “Enter” from the keyboard to access the preferred account.

How To Set up Your Email Client

To configure your email client for POP access to your email accounts hosted by GoDaddy. You have to set up your email application with the incoming server settings, e.g., “,”. And change the port number to “110.” IMAP incoming server settings, use “” and set the port number to “143.” To configure the outgoing server settings, use “smtpout. your domain”. Also set the port number to “80.”

Accessing the GoDaddy Hosting Dashboard

You can also open Workspace Webmail by login in to your GoDaddy account dashboard using any Web browser and then tap on the “Email Management” option. Tap on the “Webmail” tab next to the email address for the account you want to access and open the account in the Webmail tool dashboard.


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