Tigerstar T8HD Ultra Receiver: Review, Key Specs And Price

Tigerstar T8HD Ultra receiver is one of the consistence digital satellite decoders from the manufacturer. The 2020 year edition come in a different way of having green carton colour with both autorole Biss, PowerVU and 15-month Forever serve. Aside from this, Tigerstar T8HD Ulta receiver comes with 1month free Apollo IPTV, and 12-month Myhd IPTV. It supports multi-stream channels embedded with DVBS-2X and T2MI features.

Tigerstar T8HD Ultra Key Specs:

  • Modulator: DVBS-DVB-S2, and DVBS-2X compliance
  • Chip: Ali3510
  • Flash Memory: 8MB flash, DDR4 type
  • Multi-stream: Support
  • Video Output: Mpe-2, Mpeg-4, HEVC H264, and HEVC H.265
  • Global IKS: 15-Month Forever server pro
  • IPTV: 1month Apollo IPTV, 12-Month Apollo IPTV, 1month HAHA IPTV
  • Support Blind scan and Diseqc switch 1.0/1.
Tigerstar T8HD Ultra Receiver: Review, Key Specs And Price

Body And Design

In 2020 edition, Tigerstar T8hd Ultra comes with another beautiful carton having green colour at the top left corner. The entire body is in black colour with tiny blue in the front panel. Standby, program button and volume keys on the front, 2x USB, HDMI, AV, and LAN port all at the back.

Hardware And Software

Tigerstar T8hd ultra receiver features 8MB flash memory. The 3510C processor offers fast operation and flexibility. It holds a series of features such as multi-stream, newly launched system menu interface, IPTV from different providers.

It is pre-loaded with 15-month forever server pro capable of opening SKY UK on Astra 28.2e, BFBS Skypsort on NSS 7 at 57e, Amos 4w (Yes package), OSN on 7W and many more. The server offers daily key updates for auto-rolling Biss and PowerVU key on any encrypted channels by these programs. You can watch this video to know more about the Tiger T8hd ultra receiver features and functions.

In the world of streaming, Tiger T8HD Ultra comes with 1month free Apollo IPTV, Haha IPTV and 12-month Myhd IPTV. Likewise, you can search for tons of videos in the youtube library for techs tutorials and researches.

In the satellite world, T8HD ultra is compliance with different encoded video signal range from Mpeg2, Mpeg4, HEVC H.264 and up to HEVC H.265.

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Tigerstar T8HD Ultra Price And Availablity

A unit cost of Tiger T8hd Ultra is $100 and above without shipping to any country. If you have an interest to place order, you can contact me. Please note that the price keeps changing as per the availability of the Tigerstar T8HD Ultra receiver.

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