Skysport And BT Sport (BFBS) On NSS-12 At 57E Working On Forever Server Receivers

BFBS host Skysport or BT Sport channels on NSS 12 At 57E, will be the best free-to-air sport package in 2020. It is a dream come true, as many people have been waiting to see the channel working. Thanks to the forever server team for making this possible. This post guides you on how to nail the Skysport or BT Sport on NSS 12, the frequency, coverage, and making it open on the supported receivers.



According to wikipedia, BFBS is a British Forces Broadcast service owned and managed by the United Kingdom army. BFBS broadcasts to service personnel and their families and friends worldwide with local radio studios in the following countries:

  • Belize 
  • Brunei 
  • Canada 
  • Cyprus
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Falkland Islands
  • Nepal 

It also operational areas from the studio in Afghanistan. Also, BFBS, the Forces Station, is heard by troops in Belgium, Bosnia, Diego Garcia, and the Netherlands and on board Royal Navy ships at sea via live satellite links, online at BFBS Radio, on Sky Digital channel 0211.

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Skysport And BT Sport (BFBS) On NSS-12 At 57E Working On Forever Server Receivers

NSS 12 At 57E Satellite Coverage

NSS-12 supports DTH services and delivers mobile backhaul services over the Middle East and Europe, Central and South Asia, and East Africa. It is capable of cross-strapping between C- and Ku-band transponders and can cross-connect China to Africa. You can learn more about the satellite C-band coverage.

So Skysport or BT Sport can be received globally as a result of the footage as shown below:

Satellite Name: NSS 12 At 57E

BFBS Transponder Frequency 1:

Frequency: 3798

Polarization: R

Symbol Rate: 19167

Coverage: West African

BFBS Transponder Frequency 2:

Frequency: 3771

Polarization: R

Symbol Rate: 19167

Coverage: East-Hemisphere

After revealing the BFBS satellite and frequency for both Skysport and BT Sport, then let’s move on to how to nail it.


Requirements Needed To Install Your Dish To NSS 12 (BFBS package):

Skysport And BT Sport (BFBS) On NSS-12 At 57E Working On Forever Server Receivers

How To Install Skysport/BT Sport (BFBS) On NSS 12 At 57E

  • Firstly, Use the dish pointer app to get the Azimuth, Inclination, and other satellite value
  • Write down those values in a sheet of paper. If you already know your way out, you can skip
  • Put the Teflon or di-electric plate inside the LNB
  • Put the LNB on the dish
  • Connecting the cable from the digital satellite finder to the LNB
  • Power on the Satfinder
  • Press Menu and select antenna setup
  • Choose NSS 12 At 57E from the Satellite list option
  • Very the LNB frequency to be 5150 MHz or C-Band
  • Now, Proceed to Manual Search
  • Enter anyone of the Skysport/BT Sports frequency in my case I use 3798 V 19167
  • Set the dish according to the values wrote on the sheet of paper.
  • Drop the dish towards NSS 12 At 57E while monitoring the Satfinder screen or beep sound for signal alert
  • Once you get the signal, adjust both the inclination and azimuth to get a high-quality signal
  • Tight the dish sleeve nuts on the azimuth and inclination 

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Skysport And BT Sport (BFBS) On NSS-12 At 57E Working On Forever Server Receivers

How To Connect A Forever Enable-Receiver After Getting Skysport/BT Sport (BFBS Package)

  • Disconnect the cable from satfinder and plug it at the back of forever enable-receiver
  • Power on the receiver and proceed to the Installation menu
  • Choose the NSS 12 At 57E satellite and C-band or set LNB frequency to 5150 MHz
  • Proceed to “Blind Scan” and wait for the process to complete
  • Now press the exit button
  • Connect the receiver to the internet, sit back, and wait for few seconds for the picture to come up.

This is step-by-step guides on installing or pointing your dish to NSS 12 At 57E to get Skysport/BT Sport (BFBS package).


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