Ping A Cell Phone: Best Guides On How To Ping A Cell Phone

Ping or Pinging a cell phone means locating the phone by identifying the last signal’s cell tower. These days that’s not the best and only way to ping a lost phone.


How To Ping A Cell Phone: Step-By-Step Guides

Step 1:

The simplest and most “advanced” way to locate a lost phone is through the software that built-in most smartphones — either using Find My Phone on Apple’s iOS devices or Google’s Location History in Android OS.

Step 2:

Many apps track the location of smartphones. You can use Find My Friends for iOS, for example, or “IP Location” on any smartphone as well demonstrated on this video.

Step 3

The usual approach is to ask your cell phone manufacturer to ping to a cell tower and identify the phone’s location—only government and law enforcement are allowed to use this method, but generally not for ordinary citizens.

Why Do You Need To Ping A Cell Phone?

There are many reasons why you need to do it as follows:

  • To locate a cell phone location if lost while on the road or stolen
  • It reduces crime rate
  • For crime investigation and identify the culprit



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