What To Do When It Says Signal Loss

Dish Network signal loss often occurs when your satellite dish is not correctly detecting the signal received from orbiting satellites. You may also experience a message on your TV displaying “No Signal” that is not relevant to the satellite dish.

No Dish TV Signal or Satellite Signal Loss

Satellite Signal Loss vs. TV Input Problems

If you experience a blue box screen with a three-digit error code message display in the top-right corner, such as “015” or “002,”. Then, you are encountering a problem with the satellite dish. If you see a blank TV screen, this implies that “No Signal,” then the issue applies to your television input connection or channel lost broadcasting signal.


Satellite Signal Loss

During heavy rain, wind, or snow, indeed, you will have a temporary signal loss. This is because the signal coming from space is blocked or collapsed as coming down to your dish antenna. You will get your signal back after the storm is over. However, suppose the weather is clear, then I will suggest performing a “Hard Reset” by disconnecting your Dish receiver for like 10 seconds above.


Blockage from tree, buildings and mass tower can cause Dish TV users to experience No signal at their reception. This is because that these blockages have blocked the signal coming from the space. You have to cut the trees or their branches down or remove the antenna and re-install in a free wall. If the problem persists, then I will suggest doing a hard-reset or reboot your receiver.

TV Input and Channel Problems

In most cases, the problem occurs on the television connected to your Dish receiver. Fine-tune your TV to channel 3 or 4. You have only one TV connected to the receiver. You can also check the input connection (such as Video 1) and if the issue is on the other TV, then tune it to channel 60 or 73.

Coaxial Cable Broken or Disconnected

In some situation, coaxial cable may be broken or disconnected from dish antenna or receiver. If broken, it is good to replace wire completely. However, you can check and tightening the F-connector, and properly connect the cable to dish and receiver.


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