The Best Way To Fix Dish Network Remote Not Working

There are many reasons why a dish network remote not working. Undoubtedly, Dish Network is one of the best digital tv services in the United States. The company remains the best option for many people living in remote areas of the country, who can’t access fast internet services.

You’ll be provided with a free voice remote and DVR hardware known as set-top-box when you purchase a dish network system. In this post, I will show you how to fix dish Network remote not working without much stress.

Resetting Dish Remote 

The troubleshooting begins by resetting the dish remote control to work correctly. Since we have different dish receivers and remote control, the specific method used to reset your remote depend on the type of receiver you have installed at your reception. This post is primarily dedicated to the most used and popular Hopper family of the receivers.

Yet other receivers users can visit the official Dish Network website to get more details on how to troubleshoot the remote problem with VIP receivers.

Every dish receiver or DVR has it’s own remote assigned to it. If you realized that you’re using incompatible remote to control your dish receiver or DVR, then there’s a possibility for the dish remote not working. To fix this problem, you need to press the “Locate Remote” button on the device and wait for a few seconds; the remote will give beep sound. It will fix the issues of using the incompatible dish remote on hopper set-top-boxes.


How To Program And Reset Dish Remotes

It is right to verify that you’re using the correct remote controller with DVR set-top-boxes. But if the problem still persists, then You need to perform the following steps to reset or fix dish network remote not working:

  • Press the “SAT” button on the remote
  • Then, press the “Sys info/System info” button at the front face of the receiver
  • Press the “SAT” button again, wait for a few seconds and try to confirm the change if the remote has successfully linked to the receiver.

After you have tried the above steps and the dish network remote not working, you can then proceed to the next the troubleshooting tips. You can also learn how to fix the dish network remote button here.


Replace The Battery

The battery could be another problem why your dish remote not working correctly, then it is good to remove the cover and replace the batteries with the brand new. I believe this will solve the problems of many dish subscribers.

The Best Way To Fix Dish Remote Not Working

How To Program Dish Network Remote Not Working

In this case, you are either configuring your dish system for the first use or troubleshooting a dish network remote not working; then you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1:

It is highly recommend to confirm the device code for the dish receiver you are looking to control. To do this, then you need to press and hold the “mode button” for the set-top-box until all the keys on the remote flash light and then remove your hand. 

Step 2:

Enter the three-digit device code (check resources), then tap on the pound (#) key. Check if your device is now working if you see the mode light flashes three times. If the dish remote is not working, then you can move to the next step below.

Step 3: 

Allow the remote to scan for the device. Performing an automatic scan may find your devices without having to program each one manually. 

Step 4:

Switch on the dish receiver you prefer to have the remote access, then choose the mode for the device on your remote. 

Step 6:

Tap the “Address” key and once the mode light is flashing slowly before proceeding. 

Step 7:

Tap on the “Power” button, then use the arrow keys to scan through the codes. When the correct code is found, the device will automatically turn off itself. Press the “Address” key to save the address to your remote controller directory.


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