How To Fix Satellite Dish Signal When It Says No Signal?

Today I’m going to teach you how to fix satellite dish signal when it says no signal, Some time you may experience little freezing in pictures or no or bad signal. You can also do it by yourself which can save you some money to pay for satellite tv installer or technician. Irrespective satellite tv package you are using whether it is DirecTV Or Dish Network Or DStv. The following guidelines need to be adopted on how to fix a satellite dish signal when you are experiencing no signal.

Troubleshooting of Satellite Receiver & Cable

Whenever you lost signal or experiencing no signal on your satellite dish, The first that comes to your mind is to verify from your neighbor if those particular channels don’t OFF temporarily as a result of technical maintenance upgrade.

Secondly, You can also check coaxial cable if it is still intact. You have to trace the wire from dish to the receiver ensures that there’s no breakage. Also, check the F-connector hold the coaxial cable together at both ends.

In rare cases, Lightening and thunder can also cause loss of signal or weak signal. After the Lightening, thunder always accompanies it, So if you experiencing loss of signal or no signal on some channels. In contrast, others are still working then the decoder or receiver might develop tuner fault or LNB itself. To fix the satellite dish signal, you have to ensured that the coaxial and F-connector were tightly connected. Always Power Off when there’s rain, and it may also need to reboot or do a factory reset to work correctly. See details (American only) for installing Consumer-owned antennas and satellites dishes.

How To Fix Satellite Dish Signal When It Says No Signal?

Adjust Or Re-align Satellite Dish

After you have troubleshot your receiver, then your satellite dish may need to adjust or re-align. Simply because the base and elevation might be shifted a little bit. To fix a satellite dish signal in this situation, get some equipment or tools e.g dishpointer ready before climbing the ladder. You can learn more on how to adjust a satellite dish signal.


LNB Adjustment Or Placement

LNB placement can also cause loss of signal simply because the focal length is not accurate. Sometimes, the transponder switches (change from one frequency to another) you would need to adjust the LNB either twist from up or down. The issue of focal length usually occurs in the wideband dish. Later you realized that the LNB is ultimately damage. I will recommend changing the LNB with low noise figure 0.2db. Even if you have never try to install a satellite dish by yourself, you can start Today with these tutorials.

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