How To Download Crystal OTT IPTV App On Smart TV And Firestick

Most Crystal OTT IPTV users find it challenging to download and install our app on Smart TV, and Firestick. I’m happy to announce that we have developed our Smart tv app, most especially Samsung tv, with all functions (live,vod, series, EPG…). Crystal OTT IPTV App is now available to download from the upload center, and you can easily install it by USB with a few steps:



  • A virus-free USB drive or Pendrive
  • Download from the link below
How To Download Crystal OTT IPTV App On Smart TV And Firestick

How To Download Crystal OTT IPTV On Samsung Smart TV Via USB

  • Just download the from the link above.
  • Extract it into an empty and virus-free USB (you will have a folder named user widget in USB).
  • Plugin, the USB into your tv, wait 1 min, and It’s done.
  • Go and launch the storage folder or file manager
  • Locate the file 
  • Now, feel free to generate smart codes from your panel.


How To Install Crystal IPTV App on Samsung Smart TV Via Store

  1. Press the menu and head to the Samsung TV store on the home screen.
  2. After you open the store, while on the search box, type Crystal OTT
  3. Once the app icon appears, click on it and then tap on install
  4. Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation
  5. Once done, open the app and be ready to enter the Crystal IPTV activation code
  6. Finally, click on login.

Alternatively, if your smart tv is not a Samsung model, you can download and install Set IPTV or Smart IPTV and request the IPTV subscription activation login or code for your smart tv. You can also learn how to install IPTV on a Smart TV.

How To Download Crystal OTT IPTV App On Smart TV And Firestick

For Firestick

  1. Download the Crystal OTT IPTV App from the link above to a Pendrive for your Firestick
  2. Connect the USB or Pendrive to the back of the TV via the USB port
  3. After a few seconds, press the menu and navigate to the file manager app
  4. Open the file manager app and locate the downloaded app
  5. Press OK to install
  6. After finish, the installation, open the app and enter the Crystal OTT IPTV activation code

Alternatively, you can install the app on your Firestick by using the downloader app, entering this url

Lastly, tap on download, then install and ready to enter the Crystal OTT IPTV activation code. Jarvis IPTV subscription is available for United State, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Asian customers.

At the same time, you need to provide your Smart TV mac address to us for ease of activation. To activate Crystal OTT IPTV subscription on Smart TV, contact me.


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