Nilesat 201 7W (MBC Package) Frequency

Nilesat 201 7W MBC package is the home of entertainment for both kids and adults who like to watch TV. Series of entertainment programs, including WWE Afterburn on MBC Action, Hollywood, Bollywood, Gulf movies, and cartoons for kids.

Nilesat 201 7W also is the home of Tunisian channels or, lets me say, Tunisia Mux. This post will guide you with things you need to know about Nilesat 201 7W MBC satellite and the frequency to point your dish to 7W.

Nilesat 201 7W Coverage

I recently noticed an improvement in signal quality because MBC 7W is working fine with a 60cm dish without picture freezing. Unlike before, where it is difficult to watch, except the frequency with high wavelength like Hi-Impact TV are working fine on Nilesat 201 7W. 

No matter where you are in Sub-Sahara Africa, 60cm dish size is enough to get the MBC 7W package installed, and you can use any standard satellite receiver like Tiger T20 Razer to get the channels list.

One great thing about the MBC package on Nilesat 201 7W is an Electronic Programme Guide for the viewers to know the title of the current watching movies or next program. If you’re WWE lover, you can watch weekly live shows on MBC Action.

Nilesat 201 7W MBC Frequency

MBC Package Frequency

11595 V 27500 (MBC 2, 3, 4, MBC Action, Max, Bollywood, Bollywood, and Drama)

How To Point My Dish To Nilesat 201 7W 

To track your satellite dish towards the Nilesat position, you must have a digital satellite meter or use any satellite receiver with SatFinder App or features like Mediastar MS-mini 1818. You call now follow the steps below:

  1. Set up the satellite to Nilesat 201 7W and enter MBC frequency 11595 V 27500
  2. Point the dish towards the west, adjust or lose the dish inclination and azimuth nuts to allow free moving of the dish
  3. Raise the dish upward and shift from left to right while still monitoring the signal on the meter or TV
  4. Once you hit signal, try to adjust the dish for more signal, and you can turn the LNB clockwise for signal improvement.
  5. Permanently, tight both inclination and azimuth one after the other and ensure no signal reduction.
  6. Lastly, use “Blind Scan” on your receiver to get all the MBC channels and start watching.

You can also watch MBC on Belintersat 1R under the provider of TStv for free using digital satellite receiver with HEVC H.265 feature.

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