Remote Desktop Free Share Screen Tools In 2020

As WordPress publisher, remote access desktop tool is an essential. you probably want to share screen on your Windows with a developer to troubleshoot or fix technical issues? Possibly you wish to access your Windows desktop from your tablet to stream a movie in the bedroom.


It’s more lenient than ever to get remote access to your computer, with several free remote access tools handy. Here are the best free share screen and remote access tools available for Windows.

Remote Desktop And Free Share Screen Tool


TeamViewer (A desktop remote access connections tool) is possibly the most well-known of all the third-party tools available. It has been around for over 10 years ago and has a dependable base of users.

It doesn’t just concentrate on screen-sharing and remote-access. The software also allows users to transfer files between connected computers, attend web conferences, and do online presentations.

By default, you need to enter a generated PIN code provided by your partner to connect to its PC. However, if you always connect to the same computer group, you can create a group inside your account, thus providing one-click access.

Unlike a few others of its competitors, the software also allows group sessions. While in a group session, you can easily control a PC between users, rather than only allowing a one-way session.

Download: TeamViewer (Free)

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Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has one obvious disadvantage—both computers require to have the Chrome browser installed. If you use any other browser, you should look elsewhere.

But, if you use Chrome and search for easy guides setup, no-frills remote access tool, you would try to find a better option.

Install the software extension from the Chrome Web Store or site, connect the two computers by using the automatically-generated access code, and you’ll be done and running in seconds. You can permanently connect the two computers if you need regular access.

Google has intended the software to home users who need to share desktop screens for some quick troubleshooting or to transfer files; the advanced features of some of the other options are nowhere to be found on this list.

A beta version of Chrome Remote Desktop tool is available for download as a web app

Download: Chrome Remote Desktop (Free)


Remote Desktop Free Tool

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is Windows’ primary screen-sharing solution. It makes uses of the compatible Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology.

Even though Microsoft has made it into the OS, it’s not the simplest (or best) option for Windows’s screen sharing. Its most significant problem is that RDP servers are only available on Windows Pro and above; you won’t be able to connect to anyone running the Home version of the operating system.

Beginners might see the app challenging to install. If you want to connect to PCs outside your residence network, it is good to know the IP address of the partner you want to connect to and set up their router to receive incoming remote desktop connections.

Eventually, it’s important to understand Microsoft Remote Desktop is developed for office use, not home use. If you want to troubleshoot or fix neighbor’s PC, look elsewhere.

Beginners might find the app challenging to set up. If you want to connect to computers outside your residence network, you need to know the IP address of the person you want to connect to and set up their router to receive incoming remote desktop connections.

Eventually, it’s important to understand Microsoft Remote Desktop is created for office use, not home use. If you want to troubleshoot or fix a neighbor’s PC, look elsewhere.

Download: Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)


Free Share Screen Tool

AeroAdmin Desktop Remote Tool

The development team behind AeroAdmin took influence from TeamViewer; the way the app works and the on-screen visuals seem to be the same.

However, unlike TeamViewer, it does not require any installation. You need to launch the 2 MB EXE file and follow the on-screen instructions. It means you can save a copy on your USB pen drive and immediately give remote access to any computer you’re using. You can create a connection using your PC’s IP address or share the automatically-generated passcode to your partner.

You can also set up the app to launch before any user logs on. As such, this tool can give you unattended access to your computer.

Download: AeroAdmin (Free)

Free Share Screen Tool


Seecreen is an AeroAdmin’s literal rival. It’s written in Java pro and does not require any installation or configuration; download the 500 KB EXE file, and you’ll have remote screen sharing in seconds.

Its feature list is almost identical to AeroAdmin; you can make VOIP calls, chat with fellow users. You can also transfer files between connected machines, control multiple user accounts, set up the app for unattended access, and manage contact and workstation lists.

The only real variation is the appearance of the app on-screen. Seecreen is arguably the less-polished of the two. If you want an instant screen-sharing solution, you can try both and find which work best. 

Download: Seecreen (Free)

Free Share Screen Tool

Lite Manager

Lite Manager is an under-appreciated software that gives many of the identical features as costly paid tools.

Of course, the basics like file transfer and text chat are incorporated—but here are some of the most excellent advanced features:

  • Screen recorder
  • IP filtering
  • Remote installation of screen-sharing software
  • RDP integration
  • Registry editor
  • Cascade connections
  • 30 connected computers
  • Network mapping

A premium version is available ($10 per license), but it’s free for most people.

Download: Lite Manager (Download)


Remote Desktop

AnyDesk Desktop Remote

AnyDesk can work on either a portable program or a desktop app. Connecting the two apps is easy; the users need the host’s AnyDesk address or an alias.

There’s also an option to set up unattended access. It’s excellent for you to access your files remotely without a person’s physically using your other PC.

Other options include an adjustable slider that balances connection quality with remote session recording, connection speed, clipboard syncing, and cross-computer keyboard shortcuts. AnyDesk app is perfect for desktop remote connection purposely to share file and ideas remotely.

Download: AnyDesk (Free)



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