How To Make Cents Symbol (¢) On Computer Keyboard

Cents Symbol are verifiable monetary units that are generally accepted as mode of payment for goods and services and payment of debts, in some countries year ago, but it has been devalued and it now represent a small amount of dollars in this civilization( i.e. 100cent is equal 1 dollars). And in this modern era, it is commonly used in price listings, trading and other transaction to represent amounts smaller than $1.


More Info About Cents Symbol

It is seen as a valuable medium of economic exchange. It is the medium in which its values are expressed; as currency. It is a smaller unit of money used in many countries, for example the US. It circulates from person to person, thus facilitating trade, and it is the principal measure of wealth. Historically, the word cent is conned from the Latin word “centum” meaning hundred. The exchange rate currently states that 100 cent equaled one dollars note (1$) while (1$) equaled 100 cent.

We encounter several problems most time when working on our computer system that require us to represent some figures units while working on some project, text or transaction record. The cent symbol is a bit tricky to insert into document/text because most of the modern standard keyboards seem to have deny it from surfacing on their interface but the dollars sign ($) can be seen on most computer keyboard.

How will you feel if you are asked to input a bunch of financial record on your system and you could not figure out the currency symbol on your Keyboard, I guess it is frustrating right? This article will teach you on the fastest and the practical means to insert Cent sign (¢) to any situation you wish it fit in for a particular purpose and make your work efficiently?

You do not need to get a special keyboard to use or to display the cent symbol (¢) on your PC. Follow me as I unveil the practical means to have that on your computer system using some computer special packages. I got a laptop best deal for as low as $389.

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How To Make Cent Symbol (¢) On Microsoft Word

  1. Open your Word document.
  1. Click on the insert tab and locate the symbol tab at the right side of your Microsoft interface, then click on it.
  1. Click on more symbol beneath the symbol tab, then you will have some set of symbols displayed

Note: the Cent symbol is often represented using two signs as the case maybe, how to get the two signs (which are ¢ and ¢) pop up on your computer screen is shown below.

How To Get The Two Signs Appear On Your Computer Screen:

  • Having click on more symbols, some set of symbols will appear on your screen and when they are fully checked, the two cent symbol is missing. How do we float the sign to surface then? All we have to do is change the symbol front.
  • To get the first cent symbol (¢), change the symbol front by selecting any of the following front in the front menu (AgencyFB, Andalus, Arabic Typesetting, Arial, Arial Narrow, Baskerville Old Face, Berlin Sans FB, Book Antiqua, Bookman Old Style, Cambria, Cambria Math, Chiller, Comic Sans MS, Consolas, Constantia,  Copperplate Gothic Bold, Corbel, DaunPenh, DFKai-SB, Ebrima, Estrangelo Edessa, Footlight MT Light, Franklin Gothic Book, Gabriola, Georgia, Gigi, Gisha, Goudy Old Style, High Tower Text, IrisUPC, Khmer UI, Lao UI, Leelawadee, Lucida Bright, Lucida Calligraphy, Lucida Console, Lucida Fax, Lucida Sans, Lucida Sans Typewriter, Lucida Sans Unicode, Malgun Gothic, Meiryo, Microsoft JhengHei, Microsoft New Tai Lue, Microsoft PhagsPa, Microsoft Uighur, MingLiU, MoolBoran, MS Reference Sans Serif, Nyala, Palatino Linotype, Papyrus, Plantagenet Cherokee, PMingLiU, Poor Richard,  Segoe Print, Vani.)
  • To get the second cent symbol (¢), change the symbol front by selecting any of the following front in the front menu (Aharoni, Algerian, Bauhaus 93, Bernard MT Condensed, Calibri, Candara, Cooper Black, Curlz MT, Eras Bold ITC, Eras Demi ITC, Eras Light ITC, Eras Medium ITC, Forte, Gill Sans MT Condensed, Gloucester MT Extra Condensed, Goudy Stout, Impact, Kalinga, Kristen ITC, Magneto, Maiandra GD, Miriam Fixed, Niagara Engraved, Niagara Solid, OCR A Extended, Open Sans, Open Sans Semibold, Rockwell Extra Bold, Rod, Sakkal Majalla.)

4. Click on insert and close the symbol menu.

Congrats, your desired cent sign has finally surface.

If you wish to know more about cent sign insertion short key visit (

How To Insert Cent Sign (¢) On Microsoft Excel

  1. Open your Excel document.
  2. Click on the insert tab and locate the symbol tab at the right side of your Microsoft Excel interface, then click on it.
  3. Click on symbol tab by the right side of the Excel interface
  4. Locate the Cent sign from the option displayed below

Note: the two cent symbol can be differently by changing the symbol front as discussed above.


How To Make Cents Symbol (¢) On Corel Draw

Are you working on a design that requires the need to use the cent sign, and you are worry? It can be insert into Corel draw document using two means.

Launch your Corel draw first and create your new document or choose the existing document where you need the Cent symbol to surface.

You can get the sign directly from Microsoft word by first inserting it into the Microsoft word interface. Copy the Cent sign by highlighting the symbol and right click your mouse to display some options where the copy option can be located.

Click on the copy option and move back to the Corel draw interface. Then paste it to your desire location in the interface. The copy operation can also be perform using a short key in Microsoft word which Ctrl + C (copy). Move to your Corel draw interface and strike Ctrl + V (paste).

You can also get the sign enter into Corel draw interface by searching it online. Copy it directly from the source and paste it to your design or text.

How To Input Cents Symbol On Computer Keyboard Without Using Program Software

Can I use the symbol on my computer system without launching any computer special packages? Yes, you can. The process of getting of getting a cent sign from any software special packages may be boring most times. So, how do I do it then?

All you have to do is to copy the sign directly from this site to where you want it to appear on your computer


Here is the Cent Sign: ¢ or ¢

Just press and hold the web display interface on your phone browser. Select your desired symbol from the two displayed above by highlighting it and copy directly from this page. Paste it to your desired location on your computer system.

Don’t forget that the two sign can also only be make visible using different front as list in “how to input the Cents (¢) symbol to Microsoft Word text“. Since your computer allows the display of those fronts. You don’t have problem getting any of the two symbol on your computer system.

Is there a Keyboard with the Cent sign?

There is no keyboard with the sign on it by default. Obviously, some of the ways you can insert the cent sign to your computer has been discussed above, All you have to do is to follow our practical incline steps above. Alternatively, it has a short code, hold ALT key from your keyboard and press 0162 to get cent sign. However, there’s no way you can use to get it on mobile, If you want contribute to this blog feel free to contact me or leave comment below.


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