TStv Latest Updates: TStv Frequency & Symbol Rate In 2022

TSTV Africa is a Nigerian Direct To Home Pay TV operator, your alternative for best, It is temporarily free to air using two transponder frequency. You can call your installer to re-position the dish. This page will be updated from time to time to give the latest updates news on TStv.



TStv Africa now offers subscription-FREE access to the content carried on its satellite-delivered Television service, serving English-speaking TV households across Nigeria and other countries.

In October 1, 2017, TSTV launched as a Direct-To-Home (DTH) broadcast service. It came to be as a result of a multi-transponder agreement between ABS and Telcom Satellites TV to deliver DTH to Nigeria on the ABS 3A satellite. However, TStv is now operating on Belintersat at 51.5e same position as My TV.

 Broadcasts contents are yet to be encrypted for geographic rights concerns and collect an Annual Content Delivery Contribution currently and temporarily work as FTA on any digital FTA decoder.

The service comprises a mix of Nigerian and international channels, with an emphasis on the African content. It can be received (in most places) on a standard 60cm parabolic antenna (dish).

TStv Africa is relayed by the Belintersat satellite (located at 51.5° East).

Accessing the service requires a duly activated TStv decoder and advanced compliant security on their Digital Satellite Receiver. Currently, any models of digital satellite decoder capable of receiving TStv contents in High Definition.

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TStv Latest Updates: TStv New Frequency And Symbol Rate In 2020

TStv Updates

TStv wishes to thank Nigerians for their patience and understanding over the past months. We apologise once again for all inconveniences and appreciate the steadfastness of all those who have stood by us.We are now pleased to announce that TStv is preparing for a relaunch nationwide and as part of activities leading to the relaunch, TStv will begin test broadcast services from the 10th of September, 2020.

2 day after in the course of the latest updates, The company announced on their facebook page that “We are again pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights to the English Football League and for the duration of the league games, TStv will broadcast all EFL matches. In the following day, TStv commence showing LA Liga matches to the viewers to enjoying.

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TStv Africa Coverage And Satellite Position

Checking the satellite footage on the Lyngsat shows that the signal coverage is almost available in Sub-Sahara and South-East Africa. The dish antennae need to point to Belintersat at 51.5e using a minimum of 60cm above. 

TStv Africa Frequency

Satellite: Belintersat 1

Orbital Position: 51.5° East

LNB: Universal

Transponder Frequency: 10970, 111310MHz

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 30.000 Ms/s 

Modulation: 8 PSK 

Compression: H.264

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Requirement To Point Dish To Belintersat At 51.5E

  • A Digital Satellite Finder
  • A compass App
  • Spanners of different Sizes, Hammer and Ladder
  • 60cm dish (minimum)
  • TStv Africa Digital Decoder or Receiver
TStv Latest Updates: TStv New Frequency And Symbol Rate In 2020

How To Install A Satellite Dish To Get TStv Africa Channels

  • Firstly, You need to couple the dish together with other dish accessories if a newly purchased satellite dish uses a spanner and ladder to mount the dish on the wall.
  • Then connect the cable from the satellite finder to the dish antenna or use a digital satellite receiver as a satellite finder.
  • Use the compass to get the position of the dish in the sky and other satellite parameters.
  • Power on the satellite finder and proceed to the manual installation menu.
  • Firstly use DStv frequency (11900 H 27500) and point the dish to Eutelsat 36A at 36.0E, partially tight the sleeve nuts on both azimuth and inclination.
  • After getting the signal for DStv, change the frequency to TStv Africa using 11130 H 30000 on Belintersat 51.5E satellite.
  • Point your dish to the Belintersat 51.5e by dropping your dish antenna down from the DStv position while monitoring the satfinder to get the signal.
  • You may need to shit the dish slightly to the left side while standing at the back of the antenna, then move the dish up and down till you get a signal on the frequency.
  • Tight the dish sleeve nuts on both azimuth and inclination very well and ensure no movements.

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Where To Buy TStv Africa Decoder?

The selling of TStv decoder has been discontinued due to the technical challenges facing the company. The sales of the TStv decoder will commence again as soon as the service becomes stable. Depending on your location, you can work to any local market to get a TStv Africa decoder. It is available across the West African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, the ivory coast, etc.

TStv Latest Updates: TStv New Frequency And Symbol Rate In 2020

TStv Africa Working Channels List

  1. i24 News
  2. TVC Entertainment
  3. Pet and Pal
  4. Bloomberg
  5. Al Jazeera HD
  6. CTGN
  7. KBS World
  8. Daystar HD
  9. Dunamis TV
  10. HW
  11. Smile TV
  12. Speed Factor TV
  13. Digital One
  14. TVC News
  15. Lolly Kids
  16. Wap TV
  17. NHK World
  18. Peace TV
  19. EWTN
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. Sporty TV
  22. Wow

Hence, TStv is great addition to My TV Africa subscribers as more channels will be added using transponders frequency on Belintersat at 51.5e. We will continuing to give you the latest updates about the TStv channels as soon as theirs changes to bouquet. You can also try to get a copy of XR TV Sport decoder to watch top European League at affordable price.

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