Televes Hevic 9800 (12-Month Nashare2 IKS)

Televes Hevic 9800 digital satellite receiver with powerful IKS server. Do you reside in Africa, Europe, the UK, Germany, and Italy? I have great news for you: this Televes Hevic 9800 receiver has to offer you guys. 

In this post, I will review Televes Hevic 9800 digital satellite receiver, along with the price and why this set-top safe your money from the high subscription cost of your TV service provider. Let’s move on…

Key Specification

  • Built-in 2507L Sunplus CPU
  • Support DVB-S, DVB-S2, and DVB-S2X tuner
  • Support HEVC H.265, and 4K resolution
  • Built-in 1-month Evision IPTV
  • Support Xtream IPTV protocol
  • Multi-stream hardware embedded
  • Has IKS protocol such as XR Sport, Nashare 1, Nashare 2, and DQCAM IKS server protocol
  • Has Youtube
  • Support Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2 USALS

Starsat SR-X55 4K Android receiver is much better, and more advanced with Google Play store, Youtube, and Netflix, though it is expensive than Televes Hevic 9800 receiver.

Televes Hevic 9800 Review

It is made up of plastic and metal, thereby boosting the strength and durability of this receiver. Looking around the box, I found HDMI, RF out, DVB-S tuner, AV, and a USB port on the backside. On the front side, a USB port, LED display panel and functions key button for the channels switches. Televes Hevic 9800 is a lightweight digital satellite receiver.

Televes Hevic 9800 Digital Satellite Receiver With Nashare1, Nashare2, and DQCAM IKS Server Protocol


Sunplus 2507L CPU powers Televes Hevic 9800 digital satellite receiver. It has the capacity to Multi-stream channels and streams Youtube content. Televes Hevic 9800 has IKS protocols, including Nashare1, Nashare2, DQCAM, and CCCAM.

Nashare1 IKS on Televes Hevic 9800 is good enough to watch most European satellite packages. West Africa, North Africa, and Middle-East countries can enjoy Bein and DStv on Nilesat 7W and Eutelsat 36A at low cost using Nashare2 IKS on Televis Hevic 9800 receiver.

Other Satellite packages are supported by Nashare 1, Nashare 2, and DQCAM IKS Server protocol as follows:

1. Fransat on Eutelsat 5 West B 5.0°W    

2. Nova/Bis SkyX on Hotbird 13B/13C at 13.0°E 

3. DigiAlb on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0°E 

4. Canal Sky Movie HD+ on Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N at 19.2°E 

5. Canal on Astra 3B at 23.5°E 

6. NTV+ on Eutelsat 36B at 36°E 

7. ORF on Hellas Sat 3 at 39°E 

8. Dsmart on Türksat 3A/4A at 42°E 

9. Dialog TV on Intelsat 38 at 45.0°E 

10. NTV+ on Express AT1 at 56°E 

11. Intelsat 20/36 at 68.5°E 

12. G-Sat 10/30 at 83°E 

13. Horizons 2 & Intelsat 15 at 85°E

14. D2H on ST 2 at 88°E

15. Claro on Star One C4 at 70°W

16. Moviestar Amazonas 2/3 at 61°W

17. Meo on Hispasat 30W at 30°W

18. Art Bein on Nilesat 201 at 7°W

19. YES on Amos 3/7 (41) at 4°W

20. Thor 5/6 at 0.8°W (Digisat)

21. Sky Brasil 43.1W

22. Startime on SES 5 5.0°E


Televes Hevic 9800 Pricing And Availability

The unit price cost of the Televes Hevic 9800 receiver is $250 with a 12-month Nashare1 and Nashare2 IKS subscription. The shipping is not included, as the shipment company will decide the cost base on your delivery country. To order your Televes 9800 digital satellite receiver, kindly contact me.

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