Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E Frequency, And Channels List

Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E consists of different digital satellite providers from Europe and Africa. This satellite is full of entertainment, sport, news, documentary mainly dedicated to French-speaking countries. 

In Africa, Digital satellite providers like New World, TNT Sat Africa, Canalsat Renunin, Parabole Reunion are currently using Eutelsat 16A satellite to deliver the tv services in the territory.

In Europe, Digital satellite providers like DigitAlba, Total TV, Freesat, Orange Slovensko, OIV, Pro TV, A1 Telekom Austria, and Max TV are all available in Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E.  

You may be wondering how to watch these channels on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E, and this post will guide you on how to choose the suitable dish size and the correct digital receiver opening channels from this satellite for free.

Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E Frequency And Channels List

Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E Beam, And Satellite Coverage In Africa And Europe

Checking the satellite beam on flysat, you will apprehend that the satellite signal footage covers almost all the Sub-Sahara and South-East of Africa. Nigerian and its neighboring countries can have access to Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E using a 60cm dish antenna but not including Canalsat Reunion and Parabole. 

Countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, and other nations that fall into the South-East region can easily track Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E with 60cm dish above. However, 2.4m dish and above in South-East Africa can get most of the channels in Sub-Sahara Africa, and not vice-versa.

Satellite Parameters

Dish Size: 60cm and above

Satellite Name: Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E

Azimuth: 116.69°

Elevation: 73.38°

LNB Skew: 3 or 9 O’clock

Receivable Satellite Channels On Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E In Sub-Sahara Africa.

Just get yourself a minimum of 60cm dish or preferably use 90cm to get a high-quality signal, and the following channels will be available in your receiver after scanning.

CRTV Sport On Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E

Frequency 10804 H 30000 (2S TV And CRTV Sport On Eutelsat 16A)

  1. Vision 4
  2. 2S TV
  3. CRTV 
  4. Hadi TV 5
  5. Sen TV
  6. Label TV
  7. Christ Live
  8. RTB TV (Burkina Faso)
  9. Vision 4 RCA
  10. CRTV Sports And Entertainment
  11. LM TV Francais
  12. Arewa 24
  13. ORTB TV
  14. Golfe TV Africa
  15. France 24 Francais
  16. Asonga TV
  17. Equinoxe TV
  18. Canal 2 International
  19. Impact TV
  20. Amen TV Sat
  21. Power TV
  22. Canal 2 Movies
  23. Africa TV3
  24. Africa Sports TV
  25. Voxafrica Afrique
  26. Eden TV
  27. TVC Africa
  28. United States of Africa TV

Frequency 11016 H 2083 

  1. E-Tele
  2. E-Tele Benin

Frequency 11024 H 3333 (TVM Madagascar On Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E)

  1. TV Madagascar
Passion Novela On Eutelsat 16A

Frequency 11356 H 28000

  1. Private TV
  2. Redlight HD
  3. Vivid Red
  4. RTS 1 (Senegal)
  5. RTS 2 (Senegal)
  6. Duck TV SD
  7. Fix & Foxi
  8. ST World Football
  9. ST Sports Premium
  10. Kids
  11. ST Kungfu
  12. ST Sino Drama
  13. Bollywood
  14. RT France
  15. Penthouse Black
  16. Penthouse Passion
  17. Baby TV Europe
  18. National Geographic France
  19. National Geographic Wild
  20. France
  21. ESPN Africa
  22. ESPN 2 Africa
  23. NW Transnat
  24. Tivi 5 Monde
  25. TV5 Monde Afrique
  26. TV5Monde Style HD
  27. ST Sports Life
  28. ST Sports Focus
  29. France 2 
  30. France 3
  31. Dorcel XXX
  32. Dorcel TV Africa
  33. France 5
  34. Franceinfo
  35. Zee Magic
  36. Dorcel TV
  37. Aforevo TV

Frequency 12521 H 30000

  1. Leral TV
  2. Paradise TV (Gambia)

Frequency 12562 H 30000 (New World On Eutelsat 16A)

  1. TFM
  2. L’Obs TV
  3. TFM Religions
  4. NW Sport 1
  5. TVT
  6. NW Info
  7. NW Cinema
  8. InfoTV
  9. DBS TV (Cameroon)
  10. Loveworld XP
  11. Dieu TV
  12. BF1
  13. NW Magazine
  14. Unafrica TV
  15. La Beinoise TV
  16. La Chretienne TV
  17. QTV Gambia
  18. BB 24
  19. BFM TV
  20. NW info 2
  21. A12 TV
  22. NW Transnat
  23. Musik
  24. NW Sport 2
  25. JesusChrist TV
  26. EMCI TV Paris
  27. Miracle TV+
  28. TV Chandelier
  29. AC TV
  30. Nian TV Francais
  31. Canal J
  32. Ecclesia TV

Frequency 12605 H 30000 (TNT Africa On Eutelsat 16A)

  1. Paradise TV (Gambia)
  2. Sunna TV Savanna
  3. Nieta TV
  4. Mkadam TV Leral TV
  5. Benso TV
  6. Koussan TV

Frequency 12687 H 29980 (African Movies And SportConnect On Eutelsat 16A)

  1. Zoe Channel
  2. MIPC TV
  3. RTS 2 (Switzerland)
  4. Jes TV
  5. Capital Sante TV
  6. Divine TV (Cameroon)
  7. Hope World
  8. Veritas TV
  9. Solution Channel
  10. My Righteous TV
  11. LTM TV
  12. Jesus Savior TV
  13. Misericorde TV
  14. Sun+ TV 
  15. Transformers TV
  16. Revival Channel
  17. Africa Movie Star
  18. Kalac TV
  19. Max 2 Cash
  20. True African
  21. Pulse
  22. Life TV
  23. Fresh
  24. LOL Africa
  25. Kiddiwinks
  26. Sports Connect
  27. Fight Night
  28. Grace TV+

It is good to have a digital satellite finder or meter. However, if you don’t have and you want to do satellite installation, alternatively, you can learn how to install a satellite dish without meter here.

How To Point Dish To Eutelsat 16A At 16.0E (Sub-Sahara Africa Only)

  • Track Multi-TV ghana on Astra 28.2E using the frequency 12522 V 30000
  • After hitting the signal at the highest signal quality value, change the satellite to Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E
  • Search for frequency 10804 H 30000 or add manually
  • Raise your dish about 2-3cm and shift the dish about 2cm to the left while at the back of the dish but right while standing in the front of the dish antenna.
  • Or set up the inclination and azimuth corresponding to the value obtained from the Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E signal parameters.
  • Once you get the signal, tight the inclination and azimuth nuts or bots while monitoring the signal level on your meter.
  • Then you can proceed to the scanning on your digital satellite receiver.

Note that, to enjoy most of the channels on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0E, you need to have HEVC H.265 supported receiver or decoder packed with forever server such as Mediastar MS-Mini 1818 or 2727. This is all I have for you today, don’t forget to share this post if you find it exciting, thanks, and do have a nice day.

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