Tiger Nuts Health Benefits And Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Tiger Nuts consist of excellent nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants such as calcium, zinc, vitamin B6, C, E, potassium, and phosphorus. Tiger Nuts have a lot of health benefits for the human body, most especially for men. It riches fibre and highly recommends for diabetic patients. It is also suitable for removing fat belly because of low contents of calories. Tiger Nuts too good for weight loss. It is usually cultivated in the Northern part of Africa and Spain and popularly known as “Earth Almonds.” Its sun-dried are export to other countries like India, Madagascar, and some Mediterranean countries in the southern part of Europe.

Are you looking forward to lasting long in a bed? Then this post is made for you as I will be talking about the sexual Tiger Nuts’ health benefits, most especially for men.

Dried Tiger Nuts Sexual Benefits For Men

Health And Sexually Benefits of Tiger Nuts 

One of the best ways to treat erectile dysfunction and men’s impotence is to drink Tiger Nuts milk every day. It can also improve libido and low sex drive during sexual intercourse for men because of the arginine contents, which act as viagra in the Tiger Nuts. No side effects as it is 100% safe to drink.


Tiger Nuts Boost Sex, Sperm Count, And Erectile Dysfunction

One of the best sexual benefits of Tiger Nuts to men is containing non-meat protein providing excessive energy required during sexual intercourse. Similarly, It boosts the capacity to work throughout the day without feeling tired. As for the sperm count treatment, the series of vitamins and high levels of zinc in it increase the production of testosterone that boosts the quality and quantity of sperm in men.

Omega 3 and arginine helps to flow blood from the heart through arteries down to the penis. It boosts erection to be last long, enlarged, and even perform better without any medication.

Blood Pressure And Diabetic Patients

It is good for treating diabetic patients by controlling the blood sugar level as it contains non-soluble fiber, which doesn’t increase the sugar level like carbohydrate contents. Potassium helps to stabilize blood pressure and for treating cardiovascular diseases because of the arginine in it. If you’re a diabetic patient, avoid excessive palm oil.

Weight Loss, Digestion And Cancer Treatment

The high level of dietary fibre in the Tiger Nuts is good for removing excess weight from the body just like Cucumber and cleansing colon cancer patients. We can also use it for treating diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive cases. 

Tiger Nuts Milk Health Benefits, Boost sex drive and erectile dysfunction

How To Prepare Tiger Nuts Drink

It provides a tasty flavor and is transformed into milk after processing with other ingredients. It is a better replacement for dietary milk. Tiger Nuts milk boost your sex drive and treat digestion, weight loss, and diabetic patients.


  • Fresh or dry Tiger Nuts 
  • Ginger
  • Citrus fruit, be it orange or lemon


Make sure that you soak the Tiger Nuts if it is a dry one for more 24hour and try to change the water for like 3-4 times with the time-range to soften it. This will clean it and remove the unnecessary odor. However, If you have fresh ones, you don’t need to soak and leave them for a while. Just move on to the next step below:

  1. Wash the Tiger Nuts very well with clean, warm water to remove the bad ones and keep the good ones for processing

2. Please take out a Ginger and peel it. Also, slice a lemon into pieces and keep them apart.

3. Pour all the Tiger Nuts into your blender, squeeze the liquid content of the lemon into the blender. Also, cut the ginger into pieces and put it in the blender as well.

4. Blend all them properly for like 2-3minutes

5. Use a filter to separate the liquid from the chaff, add more water and repeat this process for like 3-4times to ensure that the waste is completely dried.

Note that there’s no harm if you drink without removing the chaff after blending, and you can preserve Tiger Nuts milk in the fridge for future purposes.

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