Why You Need To Cleansing Your Blood Vessels?

The secret of longevity depends on the blood vessels and regular taking of cardiovax capsule. The renowned Nigerian Cardiologist, Mr Dilip Rastogi, reported that, If the blood vessels are clean and healthy, there’s a chance to live up to 120years above and feel completely healthy.


Blood circulation is determined by the functionality of the organs and systems in the body. The process of delivering oxygen and nutrients to the organs and collecting the carbon dioxide metabolic products is known as “Blood Circulation.”

During childhood, adolescence, and youth, We try many things simply because the vessels are new, clean, and elastic – there are enough nutrients in the organs. However, at old age, we move less, and the vessels are getting dirty—many factors, such as poor environment, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy eating.

What Does Dirty Blood Vessels Mean?

Imagine the water pipes are full of rust, and the water’s pressure keeps increasing, and water taste and the colour is terrible. The same thing happens with the blood vessels. When substances like cholesterol and others are deposited on the vessels, the blood pressure increases, blood circulation is deranged, and the blood contains impurities are the primary source or causes for hypertension.

As the human body gets older, there is a chance to live at least 120 years of age without joint pain, and the body systems function well. Cleansing the blood vessels can prolong your life and makes your health stable. And this is a fact because I practice it personally and recommend this method to many patients. All those who listened to my advice live their life comfortably and stay healthy.

Why You Need To Cleansing Your Blood Vessels?

Causes Of The Dirty Blood Vessels

According to World Health Organization( (W.H.O), Cardiovascular diseases are the number cause of the global death. First of all, the whole body suffers from the organs and systems directly connected to the blood circulation affected, i.e., the cardiovascular system.

The following impurities are from the blood vessels can cause the appearance of the diseases:

  1. Hypertension:- The impurities from the blood vessels causes high blood pressure and narrowing of the lumen.
  2. Stroke:- The blood supply impairment in the cerebral tissue causes the nerve to stop malfunctions.
  3. Atherosclerosis:- The small vessels are blocked entirely, and the main ones contain high cholesterol deposits, thereby causes the vessels to stop functioning excellently.
  4. Venus And Arterial Thrombosis: The vessels’ death comes from the deposits of impurities from the blood and causes cells’ death from organisms.

Suppose the thrombus loosens and moves to the bloodstream. Possibly there may be blocking off the blood vessels and cardiac arrest. Statistically, 70% of the cases is followed by the death of the patients.

Cardiovascular diseases are dangerous and cause more death than others. Most of the doctors are acknowledge this; cleansing of the blood vessels is essential. However, for some crucial reasons, most doctors prescribe a solution to decrease blood pressure because of hypertension. Yet, these are not meant to cure but have a temporary effect. Most Americans and Europeans practising this method as cleansing the blood vessels are crucial to them.

Over 35-40 years of age knows the necessity of cleansing the blood vessels. You will be asking yourself why this doesn’t happen in our country.



Many signs that can make us realize the presence of deposits in our blood vessels are as follows:

  1. Chronic Fatigue 
  2. Intimates Issues
  3. Muscle and Joint Pain
  4. Migraines
  5. High Blood Pressure
  6. Pale skin on the legs
  7. Insomnia
  8. Memory Impairments
  9. Breathing Impairments and angina pectoris
  10. Eyesight and hearing disorders

Regardless of the symptoms, It is good to cleanse the blood vessels at least once in a 5years if you above the age of 30. The blood vessels have the potential for collecting impurities, most especially in older people. For this reason, it is not fair to eat burgers fried egg. A certain amount of cholesterol will deposit in the blood cells, which may later increase.

The secret for cleansing the blood vessels with cardiovax capsules

It took a few months to complete the process of cleansing the blood cells. You don’t need to looking around to get medicine. Thanks to the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases for producing an effective and cheaper remedy for cleansing the vessels (Cardiovax Capsules).

This herbal capsule regulates the blood pressure and cures hypertension due to purifying the vessels.

This remedy has nothing to do with chemicals, relatively only concentrated extracts of medical herbs including Lycopene, Arjuna, and Moringa Oleifera Extract with properties that cleanse the blood cells. Hence it is so beneficial for the organism.

Doctor Rastogi said, most of the patients continue to seek my professional advice for purifying the blood vessels. Then I recommend them to get this product because it is highly effective.

One official statistic of the clinical studies shows that more than two thousand patients present and participated, and all followed a treatment with cardiovax capsules.

The Results Of The Studies Obtained:

  1. There’s an improvement in the general health condition, with 1000% of the cases.
  2. Thoroughly cleansing of the blood vessels from cholesterol after the treatment with 99% of the patients.
  3. No adverse reactions during the treatment, with 100% of the patients.
  4. The Normalization of cardiac therapy with 97% of the cases.
  5. The Normalization of the Arterial blood pressure in 1-2 days with 2-capsules after eating with 99% of the patients.
  6. Increases in the efficiency of treating chronic diseases, with 99% of the cases.

Final Verdicts

To keep healthy, you need to purify the blood vessels. I (Dr Rastogi) recommend repeating the treatment every 1-2years for older age above 30. It will help you strengthen your health and prolong the appearance of old ageing signs. 

The cleanse blood vessels are the guarantee of excellent health and prolong life. You can buy Cardiovax Capsule on their official website or contact me as the professor reveal the secret of cleansing the dirty blood vessels.


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