Watermelon Diet: Expert Advice, Health Benefits And Side Effects

A watermelon diet is perfect for reducing high blood pressure, weight, inflammation, and cleanse a body of toxins. It involves different stages, which shall be discussed in this post later. 

How To Apply? 

There are many ways you can apply a watermelon diet. The most notable is a cleanse. It means that you used it in a short period, later return to your healthy food.

At the initial stage, you eat nothing but pure watermelon usually last for 7days. You may eat one large watermelon every day, even though the it isn’t specific by experts.

After this period, you can consume your regular food. Some people add other foods back to their normal diet. For example, you can have light meals in one day, and eat watermelon as a snack.


Experts Advice On Watermelon Diet

According to Jessica Marcus, A nutrition consultant who said that the “watermelon diet is perfect for cleansing even though it contains 90% water. It provides vitamins and minerals due to the low contents of calories. Watermelon diet boost dehydrating and refreshing for the meantime.

Watermelon Diet: Expert Advice, Health Benefits And Side Effects
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Health Benefits of Consuming Watermelon

Watermelon is packed with various vitamins and rich in nutrients, as one cup of it has 46 calories. The following are the vitamins and others:

  • Vitamins A: Play an important role in good vision
  • Vitamin B-1: It enables your body to convert food to energy
  • Other Vitamin B-6 and C: It creates red blood cells and tissue growth

Avoid too-much of Palm oil, Watermelon contains antioxidants, a good source of lycopene that protects cancer, heart, and lung diseases. Having a watermelon diet is suitable for free-flowing of blood with the help of the amino acid citrulline. The watermelon seeds rich in iron and magnesium, its rind is edible and easy to roast.

Possible Side Effects of Watermelon Diet

According to Marcus, she gives words of warning that the diet is not recommended for children under 12years. She also it is not suitable for a pregnant woman or any other people with a health condition requiring a special diet. 

She also suggested that FAD-type diets aren’t a long-term solution. Once the diet period is over, all the old habits restore including regain the weight.

If you’re suffering health conditions like Ulcer or diabetes that requiring a special diet, then you need to avoid the watermelon diet. If you find this post interesting, feel free to share the contents to your friend and across social media.

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