Why Mshare IKS Server Not Working?

Mshare Server is the worst ever IKS I have ever seen in my life. Ever since it was unveiled, the users don’t enjoy it thoroughly, and it is only worked for a few months. In this post, I will be discussing why the Mshare server failed to work and the possible alternative you can use.


Why is Mshare IKS Server not working?

Mediastar Company held in Iran invented the Mshare IKS server in Mediastar Phoenix and Zenon. These two models are great products, but the Mshare built-in spoilt everything, hindering most users from enjoying the server.

It only works for 3-4 months on the supported devices released to the market. Since then, I have been receiving text messages on that Mshare IKS server not working, and what is the way out. 

I tried my level best to reach the company technical support in Iran. The man kept telling the same story that the Mshare IKS is currently down and under maintenance.


For How Long Will It Take To Be Back?

Based on my research, I don’t think Mediastar company is ready to fix the server issues on Mediastar Zenon and Phoenix. Buying any of these two models right now is at your own risk because the built-in Mshare IKS can’t connect to the server.

You will find it difficult to watch any satellite packages. However, there’s nothing wrong with the Forever TV for streaming.

What are Mshare IKS Server Alternatives?

There are many ways out if you know how to go about it. One of the best of them is Oscam clients using the cccam client configuration to set up the server on Mediastar Phoenix or Zenon via the Oscam plugin menu. For more details on Mshare and Oscam client watch this video at the last session.

The good news is that you can buy an Oscam server from us and enjoy most of the European and Arabic packages, including OSN on Nilesat 7W, A1, D-Smart, Digi, and many more. To buy, contact me, and for a faster communication, use our WhatsApp.


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