Red Tiger One Million 4K UHD Review And Price

Red Tiger One Million 4K UHD is the first-ever digital satellite 4K ultra receiver without android. It features everything you need to watch any favorite show at an affordable price. It is a portable device with DVB-S2X, a Multi-stream tuner, a 12-month Myhd, and Apollo IPTV. 15-month Forever IKS sharing for watching satellite packages across the world.

Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra HD Receiver Key Specs:

  • DVB-S/DVB-S, DVB-S2X modulator
  • Support Multi-stream single tuner
  • Ali-2661 chip
  • 8MB Flash Memory and 4GB ROM
  • Fully 4K Ultra High Definition
  • Fully HEVC H.264, and HEVC H.265
  • Support Autoroll Biss and PowerVU
  • Support Multi-Language
  • It has an Ethernet, 3G Modem, and Wi-Fi connection
  • Support Disqec 1.0/1.1/1.2 USALS
  • 2x USB ports
  • Support HDMI and AV
  • Tiger One Million 4K Ultra has a 15-month Forever Server Pro, 12-month Dragon and Frame IKS Server
  • 1-month Apollo IPTV, 3-Month Gold+ IPTV, Cute IPTV, and 12-month Myhd IPTV.


Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra Receiver


As stated above, Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra receiver is a portable decoder with essential features. The body is black with the box name place at the front-right corner—the LED light on the middle without any button on the front panel. Single tuner, SPID, HDMI, 2x USB, AV jerk, Ethernet, and DC input are found at the backside. Ventilation holes are placed on both sides of the receiver.

The CPU integrated with the Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra HD receiver is Ali-2661 with 8MB flash memory and 4GB internal storage. It can auto roll both PowerVU and Biss key with a daily key update via a built-in server. It hosts series of apps like Youtube, a month Apollo IPTV, and Myhd IPTV with a 12- month pre-loaded subscription.

Tiger One Million integrated with HDR 10 at 60fps for 4K Ultra resolution on the receiver. It features 15-month Forever Server for opening many satellite packages across the world. Red Tiger One Million 4K UHD receiver confirmed opening Amos 4W, Bulgaria sat 1w, Astra 19.2e, Astra 28.2 (Sky UK Package), Asiasat 105.5e, SkyNet 76.5e, and many more.

In terms of software support, there’s a dedicated menu to upgrade your receiver through the internet easily. Alternatively, You can visit, Red Tiger official website to download the latest patch and upgrade through USB Menu. It is almost the same as the Octopus 4K receiver because of the same features, and appearance but the brand name and manufacturer name are different. If you’re looking for an Android 4K receiver with Forever Server Pro, I suggest Mediastar MS-Diamond Z2 4K receiver.

What Make Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra Receiver Unique?

Besides having Apollo IPTV and Myhd IPTV. The latest software of Red Tiger One Million 4K ultra update dated September 18, 2021 add layers of IPTV including 3-month IPTV subscription each for Cute IPTV and Gold+ IPTV. Red Tiger One Million also features with extra layer of IKS server such as Frame Server and Dragon Server. All these options are no where to be found on any receiver except Red Tiger One Million 4K ultra decoder. It is an alternative to Octopus 4K receiver.

Good news to African as the Team Forever IKS add Moreplex, SLTV and TStv on Belintersat 1 at 51.5e, and you’ll be able to watch movies, news, live sports and many more for free.


The unit cost of the Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra digital satellite receiver is $150 without shipping. You can contact me to place an order, and we ship within 2-3 days after payment is confirmed. We also support Paypal, Skrill, Send Wave, and Moneygram. 

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