Dish Network Satellite Finder By Zip Code

Having the correct alignment of your satellite dish is essential for good reception of all paid and free-to-air digital satellite television channels available. Various broadcast satellites provide different channel packages, so you need to ensure the dish install at your preferred satellite position. To fix satellite dish coordinates with a ZIP code, you’ll use an online dish pointer webpage. The site uses your ZIP code entered to locate your position and give the correct bearing and reception angle details for the satellite you preferred to install.

Dish Network Satellite Finder By Zip Code

How To Use Dish Network Satellite Finder Using Zip Code

Step 1

Open your Web browser. Visit your preferred satellite dish pointer website, such as, Satcalculator, Arachnoid, or Satellite Signals.

Step 2

Enter your ZIP code into the location data field at the top-left of the page.

Step 3

Tap on your preferred broadcast satellite from the drop-down list. The services also offer a list of the most famous broadcast satellites available at your location. Click the satellite from this list if available or enter the degree. On some services, you’ll also need to click the check box close to your dish setup type option, for instance, “Single Satellite System” or “Multi-Satellite System.”

Step 4

Click the “Search,” “Go,” or “Submit” button. It will process and calculates the correct coordinates for your location in few seconds.

Step 5

Scroll down the page to see the exact coordinates for positioning your satellite dish in the “Dish Setup Data” section. This will provide the compass direction coordinates, reception angle coordinate, and the Low Noise Block (LNB skew) coordinate.

Please write down the coordinates on a sheet of paper so that you can access them quickly while aligning the satellite dish. This is how you can easily use Dish Network satellite with the help of a location Zip code to find any satellite of your choice.

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