How To Copy And Paste On A Laptop

Copy and paste on a laptop doesn’t require much stress. A laptop or desktop computers use a touchpad and control buttons at the front of the keyboard to run the cursor on the computer screen and select contents for copying. Although firstly, You can connect a mouse to most of the laptop through the USB port. Computer users who prefer to travel light may not need to carry extra peripherals in their bag or computer kit. Both the touchpad and control buttons on the keyboard possess the same functions as a mouse, including copying and pasting text and images e.t.c.

How To Copy And Paste On A Laptop

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Copy and Paste On Laptop

Step 1

Set the cursor at the beginning of the text or image you want to copy using the touchpad on the laptop. But on the desktop, you have to use the mouse to drag the text or image you want to copy from the beginning to the end.

Step 2

Press and hold the left control button below the touchpad. Then use a finger over the touchpad surface to highlight the text and images for copying to the last words. It will highlight the selected areas in a different color, usually in blue depends on the computer configuration.

Step 3

Remove your hand from the left control button when finished highlighting the part for copying.

Step 4

Press CTL + C on your keyboard to copy or press the right control button. Then use the touchpad to select “Copy” from the available dropdown menu.

Next, place the cursor over a blank space on word-processing or using the Grammarly website. Tap on the right control button, and choose “Paste”. This will make the copied content available into a new document or web page, subject to manipulation.

These are the step-by-step guide on how to copy and paste on a laptop without much stress. If you find this post interesting keep share it to your friends and family.



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