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Do iPhones Have Swype Keyboard? Best Guide is Here

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Do iPhones have swype keyboard? Sliding a finger along with your smartphone screen keyboard to type is a method spread primarily by the Swype keyboard system. Swype is available on Android smartphones and can work on devices that use the Android 2.2 OS version or above. Also, the iPhone is now featuring Swype with the latest iOS 13, but you can install keyboard apps that use the swipe-to-type functionality if you’re using iPhone 6 or less. The iPhone iOS doesn’t allow you to switch the default keyboard on your phone. Therefore, you have to install and run the swipe keyboard as an app on your iPhone.

Do iPhones have Swipe Keyboard
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Do iPhones Have SwipeType Keyboard?

Step 1

Launch the App Store on your iPhone, type, and search for “SwipeType,” you will see an alternative keyboard app provided by Akhil Tolani. SwipeType is a paid app priced at $0.99.

Step 2

At this point, Install the app on your iPhone and then run it from your home screen. SwipeType works as a notepad app with various sharing options to bring the best of using the swipe keyboard to varied apps.

Here, Type your message using the SwipeType keyboard app and then click on a sharing service option. With the following options available, you can choose to share to Facebook, Twitter, Drive, Dropbox, email, or copy and paste, e.t.c.


Using TouchPal Keyboard Method

Step 1

Firstly, open the Apple Store on your iPhone, type, and search for “TouchPal.” CooTek provides a free app.

Step 2

After the installation of the app, choose the app from the home screen. You can easily change some settings in TouchPal, including language and the layout style of the keyboard.

Write your messages in the TouchPal application. With TouchPal, you can export your notes file to Evernote or copy and paste them into another application.

Swype Pro Input Method

Step 1

Firstly, Launch the Apple Store on your iPhone, type and look for “Swype Pro Input Method” or “Swipe to Type App” Exotic provides the app.

Step 2

Secondly, Install the application on your iPhone and then open it from the home screen. The keyboard enables the swiping keyboard as a text editor of kinds by swiping your finger along with the keys.

Copy the text you’ve written and paste it into any favorite app of your choice, whether it’s a website or an email, or social media platform. Note that this method isn’t perfect for rapid-fire typing, including texting or instant messaging. It further provides functionality for extensive words.

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