How To Receive International Funds In Nigeria

To receive funds from outside Nigeria seems to be more difficult. Most of the global payment platforms have been ban due to the high report of fraudulent and corruption activities in Nigerian as a whole. A merchant or a freelancer hired by a client to work for a specific job will be wondering how to receive international funds in Nigeria. Don’t worry; this post is here to guide you on how to receive funds from your customers from different countries.


  • Fully Verified Skrill Account
  • A fully Verified Payoneer Account
  • A Domiciliary bank account bearing the same name on both Skrill and Payoneer

You may be wondering why I didn’t mention PayPal. It is because PayPal has been ban in Nigeria for receiving funds. However, you can make cumulative spending of $100 in a month to pay or buy items Amazon or GearBest via PayPal or Credit/Debit card. This is in line with the rulings of financial policy given to all the bank institutions in Nigeria. To receive money in Nigeria, you won’t mind fee deduction from one platform until the funds are received in your domiciliary account.

How To Receive International Funds In Nigeria

There are many ways you can receive money from outside Nigeria using the following platforms:

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Western Union
  3. Moneygram
  4. World Remit
  5. Chipper Cash
  6. Skrill
  7. Payoneer

But today, I want to limit myself to both Skrill and Payoneer payment platforms. Both Skrill and Payoneer are not widely used when compare to PayPal. As a freelancer or a merchant, you’ve to ask your customer to open a Skrill or Payoneer account for you to receive your money from a client outside Nigeria. 

How To Receive Funds In Nigeria Using Payoneer
Payoneer On Desktop

How To Receive International Fund Using Payoneer

  1. Sign in to your Payoneer account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here.
  2. Enter Email, Your Name, Address, Phone Number, And Country.
  3. Review the policy and click sign up.
  4. Wait for the Payoneer to review your account.
  5. Once your account has been fully verified.
  6. On the top menu of your Payoneer Account, Navigate to “Receive” and Select “Global Payment Service.”
  7. Request for US dollar Account or GBP (Pounds) or Germany (Euro) Account.
  8. Wait for few days to get approval.
  9. Copy out the preferred account based on the request of your payee bank request.
  10. Once your customer is successfully paid into Payoneer account
  11. Login to Payoneer account
  12. Click on the “Withdraw” at the top menu.
  13. Click on “Add New Bank”
  14. At this point, You will enter your domiciliary bank details, including Bank Account Type, Bank Country, Currency, Bank Name, Bank Holder Name, And Bank Account Number.
  15. Confirm the agreement and bank details
  16. Once done and click next to review
  17. Click submit, and a small deposit will make on your account to confirm
  18. Select the bank account you added to withdraw funds.
  19. Enter the available amount 
  20. Review and click submit

After you finished the withdrawal process, you will receive a message about the money withdrawn from your available Payoneer account. And after a 12-24hour check, the transaction status back, and it will change completed from the pending status. This is how to receive international money from outside Nigeria using the Payoneer platform.

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Receive Money Via Skrill

Skrill is one of the reliable online payment platforms. It allows a merchant or freelancers or friends, and families to send and receive funds. Though we Nigerians can only send or pay the total amount of $100 per month. However, we can receive thousands of funds from your Skrill wallet and withdraw the money to a domiciliary account. Note that the account you added must be pounds currency. You can easily link your Payoneer pounds account to withdraw the funds, later transfer it to your local domiciliary account.

How To Receive Money From Outside Nigeria
Skrill On Dekstop

How To Receive International Funds Using Skrill

  1. Firstly, sign in (if you already own a skrill account); otherwise, sign up here.
  2. Enter Your Name as it appears on your National ID
  3. Select Country, e.g, Nigeria.
  4. Select Currency (Preferably GBP) to avoid tax fee increment
  5. Enter your Email
  6. Enter the password
  7. Click on the register (a message will be sent to your registered email to confirm the ownership of the account)
  8. Upload your photo IDs, such as Driver’s license, international passport, and any other Government ID.card.
  9. Enter your BVN 
  10. Click Submit
  11. Another email will be sent again to your registered email about the documents received
  12. Once your account is approved and you’re now a verified Skriller, you can now use your account to send and receive funds.
  13. Request funds from your customer using the registered email or phone number
  14. After you received money from your customer, click on withdraw,
  15. Click on the add bank account.
  16. Copy out the UK pound sterling (GBP) and enter it into your Skrill account
  17. Enter the amount available on your skrill wallet
  18. Enter the purpose of withdrawing (optional)
  19. Review and click withdraw
  20. Once you have successfully withdrawn it to your Payoneer account or domiciliary account, you need to wait for 24 business days for the money to reflect in your account. Another account requires 3-5 business working days to receive the money in your account.
  21. If the money is withdrawn to the Payoneer, you still have to perform the withdrawal process stated above.

These are the best ways on how to receive international funds in Nigeria without any risk of losing your money.

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