FreeView Africa’s Tara HD & Zee Mundo TV On Belintersat 51.5E

It seems Belitersat 51.5e satellite becomes more interesting as FreeView Africa, Tara HD, Zee Mundo TV, and others moved from ABS 3W. When it comes to entertainment, sports, news, documentary, and others, Belintersat 51.5e is the new home. This post will show how to point your dish from ABS 3W to the new satellite position host Tara HD and Zee Mundo TV.



FreeView Africa is Nigeria’s first NO SUBSCRIPTION Direct to Home Satellite service provider with PREMIUM CHANNELS. You can enjoy over 80 channels without a monthly Subscription with popular movies, sports, dramas, children, and educational programmes.

FreeView Africa is available nationwide in Nigeria with no monthly subscription fees. There is a one-time cost to purchase and install the Customer Satellite Receiver Equipment (an antenna and decoder unit). The number of channels is growing and subject to change.

FreeView Africa is operated by The Dexterity Group, which is wholly Nigerian owned.

Whether it is providing the best of content, entertainment, information, and education to our viewers. Offering mutually rewarding and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders. The Dexterity Group has a consuming passion for World-Class Quality.

Howerver, Tara HD, Zee Mundo TV, and others aren’t manage by FreeView Africa. Considering XR TV sport channels on belintersat for football leagus.

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Belintersat 51.5 Degree East Satellite Coverage

Checking the satellite footage on the Lyngsat shows that the signal coverage is almost available in Sub-Sahara and South-East Africa. The dish antennae need to point at Belintersat at 51.5e using a minimum of 60cm above. 

FreeView Africa, Tara HD And Zee Mundo TV Moved To Belintersat 51.5E

Tara HD Frequency And Channels List

11090 V 30000 MHz

  1. Preach TV
  2. Zee Mundo TV
  3. Worship Network
  4. Bonanza Baliz
  5. MBC Action
  6. CineFilm
  7. MBC 2
  8. Kidszone Cartoons
  9. Demo
  10. Tara HD
  11. Rave TV
  12. Beulah Movies
  13. Movies Africana
  14. Flix Action
  15. TVC
  16. E TV
  17. 3ABN Kids
  18. Fox Sports
  19. Movies Now Action
  20. Comedy Now
  21. France 24
  22. Aljazeera News English
  23. DW TV

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FreeView Africa Frequency And Channels List

11170 H 30000

  1. English Club TV
  2. Iqraa
  3. Brekete TV
  4. Fox News
  5. NASA Tv
  6. KBS World
  7. NTAi
  8. Al Jazeera Documentary
  9. Sunna TV
  10. Liberty TV
  11. NHK World
  12. i24 News
  13. Daystar HD
  14. Amazing Discovery
  15. Arirang World

Requirement To Point Dish To Belintersat At 51.5E

  • A Digital Satellite Finder preferably GTMedia BT05
  • A compass App
  • Spanners of different Sizes, Hammer and Ladder
  • 60cm dish (minimum)
  • Mytv Africa Digital Decoder or Receiver
FreeView Africa, Tara HD And Zee Mundo TV Moved To Belintersat 51.5E
Image Credit By FreeView Africa

How To Install A Satellite Dish To Get FreeView Africa, Tara HD, And Zee Mundo TV Channels

  • Firstly, You need to couple the dish together with other dish accessories if a newly purchased satellite dish uses a spanner and ladder to mount the dish on the wall.
  • Then connect the cable from the satellite finder to the dish antenna or use a digital satellite receiver as a satellite finder.
  • Use the compass to get the position of the dish in the sky and other satellite parameters.
  • Power on the satellite finder and proceed to the manual installation menu
  • Firstly use DStv frequency (11900 H 27500) and point the dish to Eutelsat 36A at 36.0E, partially tight the sleeve nuts on both azimuth and inclination.
  • After getting the signal for DStv, then change the frequency to FreeView Africa using 11070 H 30000 or using Tara HD frequency on Belintersat 51.5E satellite.
  • Point your dish to the Belintersat 51.5e by dropping your dish antenna down from the DStv position while monitoring the satfinder to get the signal
  • You may need to shit the dish slightly to the left side while standing at the back of the antenna, then move the dish up and down till you get a signal on the FreeView Africa.
  • Tight the dish sleeve nuts on both azimuth and inclination very well and ensure no movements

How To Opening Tara HD, Zee Mundo TV And FreeView Africa Channels

You don’t need to buy any expensive before you can access to these channels. FreeView Africa will commence the sale of their decoder by December after test transmission is completed as stated on their website. Any digital satellite free-to-air decoder will be okay.


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