How To Set up Call Forwarding With Verizon

Verizon provides a call forwarding feature through its phone packages. Customers can forward their phone calls to almost any local number, including other cell phones or landlines, but not international numbers. Be sure you have this forwarding feature available to you through your package and know what the service could cost you. Forwarding your calls to numbers outside of your regional calling area will still apply fee to your cell phone airtime and, depending on your plan, you may be charged long-distance fees.

How To Set up Call Forwarding With Verizon For Cellphone And Landline

How To Set up Call Forwarding on a Cell Phone With Verizon

Step 1

You have to dial 72 on your Verizon cell phone and add the phone number (including area code) to which you want your calls forwarded. For instance, if the telephone number you want your calls to go to is (523) 095-0501, enter 725230950501 into your mobile phone.

Step 2

Tap the “Send” button. Listen for a series of notifications, a tone, or a message that will confirm that your request is successful.

Step 3

Exit the call by pressing the “End” button. As from now on, any call to your Verizon telephone number will now move to the new number until you choose to turn off the call forwarding option.

Step 4

To deactivate call forwarding, dial *73 on your Verizon cell phone. At this point, you don’t need to enter any phone number.

Step 5

Press “Send” and wait for a series of notifications or for a message to show you have successfully deactivated this option.

Press the “End” button on your cell phone.


Configure Call Forwarding On A Landline

Step 1

Dial *72 from your landline telephone. In contrast, some areas may require to dial 72# if you have a pulse-dial or rotary phone—dial 1172.

Step 2

Carefully listen for a tone or an alert and then dial the telephone number (including location code) to which you want your calls forwarded. The cell phone number you entered will ring; when the line is answered and activate for call forwarding.

Step 3

Then hang up the phone if no one acknowledges the number you are forwarding calls or if the line is busy with another call. Wait for a minute (but not more than two minutes), then redial the phone number. Carefully listen for two short alerts or beeps, which will confirm that the call forwarding feature has been successfully activated.

Step 4

To deactivate call forwarding, then dial *73. In contrast, some areas may have to dial 73# to deactivate the service for a pulse-dial or rotary phone feature and dial 1173.

Listen for two short tones or beeps carefully. Once you hear these beeps, it will turn off the feature automatically, and you can end your phone call. you have successfully configured call forwarding on Verizon.

These are the best way on how to set up call forwarding with Verizon for both cellphone and landline. If you have further questions to ask, leave us a comment below, and we’ll try our level best to assist you.

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