How To Fix Forever, Funcam, And Gshare Server Freezing Issues

Are you experiencing frequent freezing issues on Forever, Funcam, and Gshare Server? This short post will guide you on how to fix them. Generally, irrespective of your favorites satellite packages you’re watching with freezing issues, this simple step will fix the Forever, Funcam, and Gshare server with a freezing problem. No matter the type or brand name of your digital satellite receiver, be it Tigerstar or Starsat, Mediastar, Geant, Viark, or any other with any of these servers, then the method of fixing the Forever, Funcam, and Gshare server issues are the same. Let’s move on…………



  • Active Forever or Funcam or Gshare Server
  • Any receiver with any of the supported servers with the latest updates.
  • Stable Internet
  • Signal of your favorite satellite package


How To Fix Forever, Funcam, And Gshare Server Freezing Issues
Mediastar DVB Settings

How To Fix Forever, Funcam, And Gshare Server Freezing Issues

The steps involve very easy and straight forward by performing the following settings on your digital satellite receiver:

Navigate to “DVB Settings” or “Settings Menu” in most cases and set the following: 

  • Delay Function: OFF
  • DVB To IPTV Function: OFF

Head to “Server Settings” and make the following changes:

  • Cached Server: OFF

In case you’re using any of the hybrid satellite receivers (android satellite receiver with forever server). I will suggest removing the unnecessary apps that might consume resources of the hybrid receiver, including Starsat SR-X2, X3, X4, X7 extreme, Mediastar Z1, Z2, X1, X2, Tiger T3000 Mega, and iBox Ghost Box 2. This method can be used to fix hybrid receiver supporting forever server with freezing issues.

Troubleshooting on Fixing Forever, Funcam, And Gshare Server

If you have performed the above steps and the issues of freezing still persists on the Forever, Funcam, and Gshare server. I will like you to perform the following troubleshooting and the server problem fixed:

  • Firstly, do a factory reset of your digital satellite receiver after upgrade or updates
  • Check the internet stability or preferably change the network device or provider.
  • Confirm the freezing problem from another user to determine the Forever or Funcam, or Gshare server current status.
  • Disable unused sharing servers like CCCAM or MGCAM

These are the best techniques you can use to fix and troubleshooting the Forever or Funcam, or Gshare server with freezing problems. You can also let us know in the comment sections if this simple method works for you or not.


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